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Hello BlackyHackyAlt! Welcome to my profile!

Hi guys! I am BlackyHacky's alt account! I am using this one because my other account got disabled.

Stuff I Made


Characters' Best Episodes (MY OPINION)

Cuddles: In a Jam

Giggles: Every Litter Bit Hurts

Toothy: Eye Candy

Lumpy: The Way You Make Me Wheel!

Petunia: Wishy Washy

Handy: No Time Like the Present

Nutty: Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)

Sniffles: Pet Peeve

Pop and Cub: And the Kitchen Sink

Flaky: Wingin' It

The Mole: Mole in the City

Disco Bear: Ipso Fatso

Russell: Get Whale Soon!

Lifty and Shifty: Milkin' It

Mime: Out of Sight, Out of Mime

Flippy: Double Whammy Part I and Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy Part II)

Splendid: See What Develops

Cro-Marmot: Snow What? That's What!

Lammy and Mr Pickels: A Bit of a Pickle

Favorite TV/Web Shows

The Fairly Oddparents

Happy Tree Friends

Battle For Dream Island

Adventure Time

Happy Tree Friends Character Elimination

HTFGuy's Character Elimination

Other Object Shows

Other Object Camps

The Amazing World Of Gumball


S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle.png
This user thinks Fliqpy should stop killing people.Fliqpy, you suck!
S2E14 Injuried Handy.png
This user wantsHandy to have arms.
S2E9 Mime's death.png
This user likesMime. If he was bullied, I would punch that freaking bully in the face!
S3E9 SF Petunia's death.png
This user thinksPetuniashould stop worrying so much about dirty stuff!
S2E23 Thumbs up.png
This user thinksThe Moleshould stop killing people and should go see a doctor.
Buddhist Monkey, you rock and are the best!
This user thinks thatSplendidjust wants to save people for their own safety.
Wipe 58.jpg
This user thinks that Flaky is the best character ever.Flaky, you rock!



Ham is a fanmade OC made by me.

As Object Form, he is currently competing for The Dog House, an object camp.

HTF Form

Object Form

My Favorite Stuff

Favorite Character: Flaky

Favorite Death: Fliqpy from By The Seat Of Your Pants

Favorite Episode: Wingin' It

My Least Favorite Stuff

Least Favorite Character: Fliqpy

Least Favorite Death: Flaky from Who's to Flame?

Least Favorite Episode: Treasure Those Idol Moments

Character Ages (MY OPINION)

Cro-Marmot: 1267

Disco Bear: 75

The Mole: 52

Flippy/Fliqpy: 41

Pop: 34

Buddhist Monkey: 33

Splendid: 29

Handy: 22

Shifty: 21

Lifty: 21

Giggles Mom: 20

Lumpy: 19

Petunia: 18

Russell: 18

Sniffles: 17

Giggles: 14

Toothy: 13

Flaky: 13

Cuddles: 12

Mime: 11

Nutty: 10

Cub: 4

Characters from Worst to Best (MY OPINION)

BlackyHacky's Worst to Best Tier List

The Worst

29th/5th: Fliqpy/Flippy


He is a serial killer that always tries to kill everyone, but fails to do so mostly when he approaches Lumpy.

I hate him a lot and I wish he never existed!

Flippy (Amazing):

He is nice in general to the characters but sometimes can get angry and become Fliqpy.

28th: The Cursed Idol

They cause death a lot when someone is near and I wish they never existed!

27th: Whistle

Whenever someone whistles he turns to a murderous, killer dog.

26th: The Ants

They torture Sniffles a lot and I feel kinda bad for him.

25th: Generic Tree Ninjas

They always destroy everything Buddhist Monkey loves, and I feel bad for him.

24th: Cro-Marmot

He literally does nothing but move and sell ice cream (that can pierce our skin).


23rd: Shifty

He betrays his brother most of the time and is a huge jerk to him.

22nd: The Mole

He mistakes mostly body parts for food which annoyed me a lot.

21st: Disco Bear

He harasses Giggles and Petunia and once killed them and didn't notice.

20th: Splendid

He dosen't care about the fact that the character he accidentally kills just died more than the fact he's gonna get in trouble with the exception of Cuddles.

19th: Nutty

Even if he does get injured, he still tries to get his candy.

He cares more about the candy more than the character in need of help.

18th: Mr. Pickels

He is an exactly cheap copy of Fliqpy so see his section above. LOL.


17th: Sniffles

He can be sometimes rude and mean to characters.

He also tries to eat The Ants but fails in doing so.

16th: Lumpy

He can be sometimes antagonizing.

15th: Russell

He is creepy and (he doesn't know this but) serves flesh.


14th: Petunia

A neat freak just like Soap from Inanimate Insanity II. Wow.

13th - 8th: Giggles, Cuddles, Toothy, Lammy, Giggles' Mother

I have no reason for these characters.


7th: Lifty

I feel bad for him because he actually saves his brother from death!

6th: Pop

He still tries to save his son!

4th: Cub

One of my favorites.


3rd: Mime

The silent guy. Awesome.

2nd: Handy

I love his running gag!

The Best

1st: Flaky

I love her because she has the best voice, and she has her awkward moments.

She is the best character ever!!!

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