Hello!My name is Victor and I live in Bulgaria.My favourite show is Happy Tree Friends.

My favorite Happy Tree Friends Characters

1.Lammy and Mr.Pickles

She is really cute and it is always funny when she gets in trouble cuz of Mr.Pickles.Lammy is also my favourite because her episodes are always unpredictible!


He is always funny when he does stupid things.Withdouth him the show woudn't exist!


I love her beacause of her OCD.My favourite episode with her is Wishy Washy.

4.The Mole







My Less Liked Character:

Flippy-His episodes are always predicteble

1) Get a cast of characters and place them somewhere.

2) Flippy comes in and sees the crowd.

3) Notices object, hears a sound in range, or simply views something that pushes his PTSD.

3) Flip out, take out a knife, and proceed to slaughter everyone by using their guts or using their eye’s optic nerve to strangle everyone else, or using grenades. Few scenes of character fear are showcased, and that is it.

4) Return to normal, smile at the closing iris, or let out a evil laugh. Episode ends.

See how linear, boring and simplified it is? Flippy has no creativity in his kills, he doesn’t start chain reactions. He just kills everyone.

Best Episodes

1.All Work and no Play

2.We're Scrooget

3.Royal Flush

4.No Time Like the Present

5.A bit of Pickle

6.Buns of Steal

7.You're Kracken me Up

8.Wrong Side of the Tracks

9.All in Vein

10.The Chockes on You

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