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Hello, Anonymous! My name is AnimationFan15 (because I'm a huge fan of cartoons, and I was 15 years old when I joined this wiki). Many of my favorite cartoons are from Cartoon Network, because the cartoons they have are original, and they have no live-action shows (except for that one time back in 2009 when Cartoon Network introduced CN Real). I got into Happy Tree Friends in late November of 2013. The very first episode I saw was See You Later, Elevator. I was wincing at some stuff because I wasn't use to the violence in it. But over time, I got more and more use to it, and now I barely flinch at their episodes (except for a few exceptions).

On October 10, 2014, I became a full time admin. On October 25, 2014, my username received this light blue color. On May 6, 2015, I have been given bureaucrat rights. On January 25, 2017, I revoked my rights due to being less active after moving to a new wiki.

My job here

  • Make plots as detailed as possible
  • Try to fix whatever mistakes I can find.

My beliefs in HTF

  • Believes Nutty was responsible for all the deaths in Class Act
  • Cuddles is Happy Tree Friends' official mascot
  • Believes Cub survived in Doggone It
  • Hates Environmentalist Giggles
  • Believes Petunia's OCD is over-exaggerated
  • Believes Cub survived in A Hole Lotta Love
  • Best episode ever made: Class Act
  • Worst episode ever made: Every Litter Bit Hurts

About me

  • The only one available to buy on the internet, and I own it!

    I bought an afghan throw blanket featuring some of the characters from Happy Tree Friends on eBay. The blanket was made in 2003, and it was the only one on the internet available. Believe it or not, the blanket was $70! But thanks to my grandmother giving me some money for Christmas, I got the blanket with no sweat.
  • I'm a huge fan of hockey, and so are my parents..
  • Happy Tree Friends My logo.jpg
    I created my own version of the Happy Tree Friends logo. It took a while to draw, but I put a lot of effort into it.
  • I finally got the Wii U on Xmas 2014. I was so happy. The very first game I played was Super Mario 3D World. The very first Wii U game I bought was Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.
  • To: AnimationFan15
    From: Yong Feng

    Yong Feng made a picture to celebrate my birthday. It took him an entire week to make it (since he never has time to draw on his computer), and the result was the three main Five Nights at Freddy's 2 characters standing in front of a large cake made with the game Garry's Mod.
  • Of the 39 image galleries for the TV series, I created 12 of them. I created them in this order: Who's to Flame?, Mime to Five, I've Got You Under My Skin, Snow Place to Go, Aw Shucks!, In a Jam, A Sight for Sore Eyes, Wingin' It, Sea What I Found, Home Is Where the Hurt Is, Blast from the Past, and Letter Late than Never.
  • On May 30, 2015, I got a copy of game called Splatoon. It was made by Nintendo and released for the Wii U. The game is SO much fun!
  • On September 21, 2015, at 5:08 PM, I achieved the 365 Daily Edit badge, the badge with the highest point value (250 Pts.).
  • On Christmas day 2015, I got a new computer tower. The old one was made in 2002, and my new one is a Windows 10. My computer is now faster, and it doesn't crash very frequently. 
  • On January 1, 2016, I ordered an Ed, Edd, n Eddy themed bowling ball from eBay. Eight days later, on January 9, 2016, it arrived to my house. The ball weighs approx. 8.5 lbs., and cost me $50, $30 for the ball, and another $20 for shipping (I think the reason why shipping was so expensive was because the ball was shipped from Florida).
  • Ever since elementary school, I have always been fascinated with the American states and the names of their capitals. Every time I think about the states, it makes me happy that I live in a great country. Another fun fact, name any state, and I can tell you it's capital city in a snap.

My favorite characters

My most favorite character, Cuddles!

  1. Cuddles: My most favorite character. I like him because he's the adorable one. I wish he didn't die in every episode he was in, even if he was just a background character (Gems the Breaks). I consider Cuddles the official mascot of Happy Tree Friends.
  2. Mime: I like Mime because of his performance in some episodes. To me, I laud his performance in the episode Mime to Five, since his numerous mistakes provided the character that Mime really was. I'm also glad that he survived the episode.

  1. Lumpy: This guy's mistakes are funny as hell! I like how Lumpy's efforts to fix a situation make a situation better or worse.
  2. Toothy: I don't know why, but this character's simple design appeals to me. Though I feel sorry for him when he dies, I thought him breaking a tooth in Snow Place to Go was hilarious.
  3. Nutty: I like this character mainly because he would choose candy over the ones who care about him. Though, one thing that annoys me about him is his role in this episode Chew Said a Mouthful. Why? After breaking his jaw, he felt pain, but his efforts to eat the jawbreaker didn't stop him. I thinks this indicates that he wants to accomplish a task despite the injuries he received. Nonetheless, I still like the episode.
  4. Giggles: I like this character for her cute and bubbly personality. However, there is one thing I hate about Giggles more than anything in all of Happy Tree Friends canon: Every Litter Bit Hurts. In the episode, she is portrayed as getting extremely angry just because of Lumpy dumping trash in the lake, using dynamite as a method of fishing, and chopping down ONE TREE just to get rid of shade. I hate her performance in that episode because she is the definition of being happy, and now she's portrayed for being prone to anger quickly. Because of this, I refuse to watch that episode again, with the ending being an exception.
  5. Flaky: I like this character because her efforts to try to be brave backfire badly. Something that keeps coming in my head is how she keeps putting herself in these predicaments.
  6. Splendid: I like this character's irony. He is supposed to be a superhero, a person who has to save people, yet, his efforts to help only worsen the situation. I especially like his role in the episode Breaking Wind.

My most favorite episodes

Singing around the fire.PNG This user thinks that Class Act is the best episode ever made.

My least favorite episodes

  1. Every Litter Bit Hurts: because of Giggles' behavior throughout. I hate this episode so much, I think it should be a lost or banned episode.
  2. Wishy Washy:  I cannot stand Petunia in this episode!

    I don't trust that smile.

  3. Take a Hike: This episode was okay, but the ending was just god awful.
  4. Don't Yank My Chain: Meh...
  5. Any episode with the Ants: because of their crude behavior.
  6. Can't Stop Coffin: because of the pain and suffering Cuddles went through.
  7. Without A Hitch: a whole episode of Flaky hallucinating about getting killed by Flippy? Yawn...
  8. Put Your Back Into It: I cannot watch that episode without having to flinch and look away at Disco Bear's pain.
  9. Gems the Breaks: I didn't like Lifty and Shifty's behavior and Splendid's death.
  10. Home Is Where the Hurt Is: only the scenes with Petunia in them, because of her freak disorder.
  11. Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!: I'm probably gonna get some hate from people, but this episode was just ridiculously slow. Everybody calls it the most sympathetic episode of the series, but I just find it boring. I almost fell asleep just watching it.

Why I hate Every Litter Bit Hurts

As you just saw on my least favorite episodes list, Every Litter Bit Hurts is at #1. Yes, I HATE this episode all the way to the brim. The biggest problem with this episode: Giggles! Throughout the episode, she flies off the handle because of someone doing things that harms the environment. Giggles is called Giggles because she's very carefree, easy-going, and is very innocent. However, this episode seems to just remove all of those traits, and make her mad up to the point where she just flat out yells at people because of her distastes. There are only two parts of this episode that I enjoy: when Cub dies, because I actually found it hilarious, and Giggles' death at the end of the episode, as it was satisfying to see someone with such poor characterization get killed. Speaking of Lumpy, his usual personality is acting dumb. I wouldn't blame him for his actions in the episode, because that's the way he usually acts, oblivious to his actions, and not giving a crap out of them.

My other favorite shows

If its italicized, its my most favorite. Also, the cartoons mentioned below are cartoons I most frequently watch.

Cartoon Network

  1. Regular Show (2010 - 2017)
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball (2011 - present)
  3. Steven Universe (2013 - present)
  4. Rick and Morty (Adult Swim) (2013 - present)
  5. Ed, Edd n Eddy (1999 - 2009)


  1. SpongeBob SquarePants (1999 - present)
  2. The Loud House (2016 - present)

Disney Channel

  1. Gravity Falls (2012 - 2016)


  • The Simpsons (FOX) (1989 - present)
  • Family Guy (FOX) (1999 - present)
  • Futurama (1999 - 2013)