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Hello there, Anonymous! I am AdamISAWESOME, but call me Adam and I am a former admin here. Naturally, despite being 17 years old, I am a big fan of HTF (that's rocket science)! After finding out about the show through watching Htfmovie, the first episode I saw was From A to Zoo, and I remember being absolutely horrified. Naturally, I came back for more. But oh well, I like HTF now. I've seen every single episode, and my favourite is Class Act! My least favourite is definitely Idol Curiosity (but I still sorta like it, I suppose........) My favourite characters are Lumpy and The Mole and I dislike Petunia and to a lesser extent Mime (but if you like them it's your opinion) For multiple reasons I am much less active than I used to be but still try and do one or two edits a day at the bare minimum, as I feel that I have too.

(None of this interested you, did it?)

I also have a younger brother who also loves the show (not as much as me though)! His favourite characters are Fliqpy, Lumpy, Flaky, Flippy, The Mole and Handy (in that order) and I also introduced my dad to the show with See What Develops and Home is Where the Hurt is, and from the episodes he's seen, his favourite characters are Splendid, Lumpy and The Mole (no particular order there).

Have fun (or at least please don't want to destroy the world after) reading the awful unreadable drivel that is my Profile.

Predictions for upcoming episodes (will be removed when the first five are released, maybe re-added

- At least two episodes star Lumpy - Mime and Cro-Marmot have been forgotten about and all future appearances will be cameos for a while - Disco Bear will get more focus - The episode featuring Flaky and Splendid will be among the first five episodes featured (remember the one that everyone got hyped about briefly after Dream Job, I sure do) - There will be a new Lammy and Mr. Pickels episode (just feel like it) - Truffles will appear in the flesh like he did in Clause For Concern (Instinctive)

My Favourite Characters,their best starring role, their goriest/most painful death and their funniest death

Just so you know, I love seventeen of these characters, am neutral on three and hate two, so putting them in order is only easy at the beginning.  And the bottom place is also fairly easy for me but aside from that..... ah, who cares, just read on. 

Quick note: I judge them on personality, humour, relevance to the show, likability and how interesting they are. Also worst deaths doesn't mean least favourite (despite what it may seem) but goriest and most painful. Also I am considering changing my list depending on the newer episodes and any character development, even Lumpy isn't safe (jk, he's still awesome, virtually nothing could harm him for me)

Fantastic characters

(1- The Best 11- Amazing)

1. Lumpy (He's honestly the funniest character in my opinion, plus he always gets the plot moving. Never fails to amuse me. I ask you this question Anonymous: Where on earth would the show be without him? Try and kill off Lumpy, and the show will go downhill rapidly, like him or not. Watching him fail his jobs due to something (either extreme stupidity or just being a dick) is always amazing and funny. He can also adapt into both a comic relief and a main character very well which I find very interesting. In short, a plain awesome character who needs way more love from the fans than he is given.) (From A to Zoo ( Class Act is my favourite episode and I know he starred in that and all but that episode focused slightly more on Toothy) (worst death in Letter Late than Never) (funniest death in Don't Yank My Chain)

Character rating: 15/15

2. The Mole (or "Mole" if you feel that that sounds like a better name but I don't call him "Mole" unless he has something in front of his name, i.e. Barber Mole)(I think he's hilarious, kind-natured (especially compared to Splendid) yet destructive.  It's funny watching him do silly things blind people should not be doing like driving. I feel bad for him more than any other character, aside from possibly Cub and Handy. Just why and how can you hate him? He's also strangely adorable, not like, cutesy cute like most of the others, but he just is.) (Blind Date) (worst death in Don't Yank My Chain)(funniest death in Concrete Solution (Well, I actually hate all of The Mole's deaths but I had to choose one, didn't I? Because my page has rules))

Character rating: 15/15

3. Cro-Marmot (Here goes: I love how much of a troll he is. And his WTF moments make me laugh. I really don't think I have much to say here. Also any character that gets a lot of hate in my opinion (unless it is justified completely and I also feel animosity toward them) gets love from me. Actually to be honest even with all this reasoning I'm still not quite sure why I have him as my overall third favourite, but I'm a weirdo, you have to be my subconscious to know that.) ( Wipe Out)(worst death in Dino-Sore Days)(funniest death in From Hero to Eternity)

Character rating: 14/15

4. Mr. Pickels  (Yes, surprisingly enough, Mr. Pickels is indeed very high on my list. I think his kills are more interesting than Flippy's, and the real-imaginary debate makes for an interesting character. He also seems to be the token HTF oddball.) (Royal Flush) (worst death in All In Vein)(funniest death in All In Vein) (it is his only death after all)

Character rating: 14/15

5. Cub (He's the character we should all feel sorry for. Plus he's  so f*cking cute. Yes, he's an odd choice for a top five judging by what you are reading, and the fact I generally judge differently, but I know what I've put and I assure you your eyes are NOT deceiving you.) (A Vicious Cycle) (worst death in Water Way to Go) (funniest death in Ipso Fatso (same deal with The Mole))

Character rating: 13/15

6. Flippy (He'd be my second favourite if he wasn't so overrated. He's an awesome character overall though. He has more backstory than the others too, and deeper character portrayal and meaning. I wish he had less of a fanbase, and that his fanbase didn't burst into tears every time he died.) (Double Whammy) (worst death in Remains to be Seen) (funniest death in By The Seat Of Your Pants) (2)

Character rating: 13/15

7. Flaky (I can relate to her. Plus, despite the fact they are next to each other on my list, I do not ship her with Flippy or any other character for that matter. Plus her screaming at the sight of a baby chick in From A to Zoo was hilarious. My only issue with her is that her scream can be INCREDIBLY annoying in certain episodes.) (Wingin' It) ( worst death in Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya!) (funniest death in Mime to Five)

Character rating: 12/15

8. Nutty (He's hilarious, and a very interesting character. Lighthearted yet  somewhat villainous. Kind of a dick sometimes but not the biggest of the bunch, that's fellow anthropomorphic squirrel Splendid.) (Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm (episode)) (worst death in Chew Said a Mouthful) (funniest death in All Work and No Play)(1)

Character rating: 12/15

9. Shifty (Yes, he may be a selfish asshole but he's a hilarious selfish asshole that you should root for. He has more personality and attitude than Lifty, which is why he is higher, even if he is a huge dick towards him overall.) ( (Easy For You to Sleigh) (worst death in Sea What I Found) (funniest death in Who's to Flame?)

Character rating: 12/15

10. Lifty (Shifty's higher because I think he's funnier and more interesting, and to be honest I don't see Lifty as much of an individual character, but more of a sidekick, especially since Shifty seemed to be intended as an individual character at first, but I think he makes a good and necessary partner in crime, like Waluigi to Wario.) (same as Shifty's) (worst death in Buns of Steal) (funniest death in Swelter Skelter)(2)

Character rating: 11/15

11. Lammy (I think she's an interesting character. Want to see much more of her in the future. Her episodes have both been blasts. I kinda feel bad for her moreso than all but four members of the cast because of Mr. Pickels even though I personally find him to be a more interesting character than she is a little.) (Same as Mr. Pickels) (worst death in All Work and No Play) (funniest death in Spare Tire) (1)

Character rating: 11/15

Really Good characters

(12- Near fantastic 17- Pretty good)

12. Cuddles (Because he's sorta odd and random. And he's pretty hilarious when the writers want him to be. Though he is kinda bland in the newer episodes. And he is a terrible friend to Flaky, who is the character I think I am the most like.) (In a Jam) (worst death in Easy Comb, Easy Go) (funniest death in Aw Shucks!)

Character rating: 10/15

13. Handy (I feel bad for Handy. Plus I love his signature scowl. I can relate to him a lot including the scowl. His main humour stems from being unable to do things which is both funny and sad at the same time. One flaw in his character is that his starring roles tend to be a tad boring for an otherwise great character.)(No Time Like the Present)(worst death in Don't Yank My Chain) (funniest death in Wheelin' and Dealin'(same deal with The Mole and Cub))

Character rating: 10/15

14. Splendid (I am very mixed towards Splendid. He's one of the funniest characters and is HILARIOUS at times, but his douchebaggery and dickery can annoy me. I personally believe he is the cruelest of the bunch (yes, more so than Mr. Pickels, Lifty, Shifty, and Fliqpy) since everyone else has at least one positive quality except him. If it weren't for that he'd be a lot higher on my list. But he is hilarious in that cruel yet brilliant way so I can say I like him.) (Wrath of Con and See What Develops) ( worst death in Gems the Breaks) (funniest death in Gems the Breaks) (2)

Character rating: 9/15

15. Giggles  ( I miss her TV adaption. She was one of the best characters in the TV series, and it's a shame she is barely used properly in the internet series, where unlike in the TV series where if she were TV-exclusive she'd be in my top ten I'm neutral on her. So she is in between Fantastic and Neutral/OK. She's kinda bland in the newer episodes.)(Every Litter Bit Hurts) (worst death in Home Is Where the Hurt Is) (funniest death in Snow What? That's What!) (1)

Character rating: 8/15

16. Pop  (I like Pop overall, and I think he's hilarious at times, and his heart is overall in the right place, but I wish that he killed other characters equally as much as Cub, since he seems to exclusively kill him. I know he's an irresponsible dad, but he should kill other characters a bit more. Also he's basically Lumpy except with a son, and even though I like Lumpy A LOT that seems uninspired.)(same as Cub's) (worst death in A Vicious Cycle) (funniest death in Havin' A Ball)(1)

Character rating: 8/15

17. Toothy (I really liked him in Class Act, and he's pretty cute. But he lacks personality. He'd probably be at the bottom if he wasn't so adorable and/or class act. But I'm growing to like him more.) (Class Act) (worst death in Eye Candy) (funniest death in A Sight for Sore Eyes)(1)

Character rating: 7/15

Neutral characters

(18- Mostly good 20- Mostly bad)

18. Sniffles (He's an okay character, not terrible or anything, but he's so overused for such a predictable character, predictability is why Flippy and Splendid do not appear often. His inventions are cool I guess. Also unlike all other fans of the show, I feel more sympathetic towards The Ants than him, Sniffles is the one that starts the conflicts after all.) (Blast from the Past) (worst death in Tongue in Cheek) (funniest death in From A to Zoo)

Character rating: 6/15

19. Disco Bear (I think he's hilarious at times, such as in Aw Shucks! and Easy Comb, Easy Go but he's annoying in the early episodes, especially Ski Ya, Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya! and Blind Date (even if the latter was an awesome episode.) (Easy Comb, Easy Go) (worst death in Put Your Back Into It) (funniest death in Ipso Fatso)(1)

Character rating: 6/15

20. Russell (Well, to be fair he is not dislikable, but he's not very pirate like. Seems like one of the nicer characters, odd considering he's a pirate.) (Something Fishy) (worst death in Off the Hook) (funniest death in Sea What I Found)(2)

Character rating: 5/15

Disliked/hated characters

(21-Dislike 22-Hate)

21. Mime ( I wish there was more to him than the Mime artist when three other characters don't talk, with The Mole even being introduced before him. The one episode I liked him in is Mime To Five and that is it. For me he literally exists as a character that the writers inflict quick deaths on that are irrelevant to the plot itself. I am possibly the only person to say this but he is a complete waste of screen-time (it rhymes, is this intentional?) and he only has one episode that fleshes him out as a character. ) (Mime To Five) (worst death in Double Whammy Part I)(funniest death in Wingin' It)

Character rating: 4/15

22. Petunia   (I have so many reasons for disliking Petunia, to the extent they are numbered. 1) She's a spriteswap. Super original. 2) They tried giving the spriteswap more personality by giving her OCD. It failed, and just became annoying. 3) She's a bitch in sheeps clothing. 4) Her personality has swapped back to the old bland Petunia. 5) She has made me laugh the least. 6) She appears too much for such a boring and unneeded character. 7. She is incredibly overrated. I liked her in I Nub You though, it did show her more sympathetic side, but that's literally it.)(I Nub You) ( worst death in Wishy Washy)(funniest death in Home Is Where the Hurt Is)

Character rating: 3/15

My younger brothers favourite characters

Note: Unlike me my brother considers Fliqpy a main character, and I don't (though if I did he'd be tied with Flippy) which is why there are 23 main characters on his list unlike my 22 main characters.

1. Fliqpy

2. Lumpy

3. Flaky

4. Flippy

5. The Mole

6. Handy

7. Cub

8. Nutty

9. Lifty

10. Shifty

11. Cro-Marmot

12. Splendid

13. Mr. Pickels

14. Cuddles

15. Giggles

16. Pop

17. Lammy

18. Russell

19. Sniffles

20. Toothy

21. Mime

22. Petunia

23. Disco Bear

note: (1)=higher position in future

(2)= lower future position.

Unmarked= permanent place for time being.

Fun fact: I actually used to dislike Lumpy and The Mole a tiny bit, but I soon grew to find these two hilarious, within a few episodes of starting to watch the show.

Stuff below

I am similar to Lumpy in that I am tall, clumsy and hated.

Userbox Lumpy.jpg
This user thinks that Lumpy is the best HTF character because he is practically the epitome of the show.

I am similar to Flaky in that I am a coward.

I am similar to Nutty in that I have a good addiction, but to pasta instead of sugar.

I am similar to The Mole in that I'm kind but not good at helping out.

I get pissed off easily, so I'm similar to Handy. Also I do his scowl when I am annoyed sometimes.

I get pissed off when people do not include Mr. Pickels in trivial facts.

On the 30th Of August 2015 I became an Admin, Rollback and chat mod. (thanks Yong)

I'm similar to Sniffles in that I'm nerdy(albeit in a slightly different way to him.

S2E23 Thumbs up.png
This user thinks that The Mole is unloved, despite his kindness and his hilarious character.
This user thinks calling Splendid an asshole is an insult to all assholes, but other than that finds him funny.
S3E17 The job is done.png
This user believes that Mr. Pickels is a genetically altered pickle from a science experiment gone horribly wrong.
S1E20 Tired.png
This user thinks Lifty isn't quite as funny or developed as Shifty
S3E13 Lammy gets electrocuted.PNG
This user thinks that the crack in Lammy 's skull is a sign of idiocy, not schizophrenia.
STV1E3.3 Oh no.png
This user prefers Shifty to Lifty
S3E9 SF Petunia's death.png
This user hates Petunia more than any other character in the show
S2E14 Injuried Handy.png
This user reckons Handy lost his hands in a work related accident
S4E5 VC Cub.png
This user feels sorry for Cub and also thinks he is the cutest tree friend
S4E7 Spare Tire Pop.png
This user says that the only person to be a worse parent thanPopis Peter Griffin from Family Guy. (or someone like him anyway)
S2E10 Sniffles.png
This user finds Sniffles episodes to be kinda predictable, but thinks his inventions are kinda cool.
Wipe 58.jpg
This user loves Flaky, and thinks she is asexual.
STV1E13.2 Flippy Shrug.png
This user loves Flippy but is also growing to dislike him.
This user thinks The Rat is OK.
S4E5 AVC Fliqpy with a cycle.png
This user likes Fliqpy equally as much as his good side
Splendont (Mirror Mirror).png
This user says that Splendid and Splendont are BOTH cruel.
S3E4 Nutty's death.png
This user thinks Nutty is funny and likes seeing him onscreen.
This user wishes Toothy had more personality.
Userbox Cro-Marmot.jpg
This user thinks that Cro-Marmot is a massive troll.
S3E9 SF Russell.png
This user feels that Russell is too nice to be a pirate
Userbox Giggles.jpg
This user thinks Giggles is underused by the creators and is NOT a slut.
S2E9 Mime's death.png
This user hates Mime because he's a little unimportant and pointless, as well as a waste of screen-time
This user says Whistle is worse than Fliqpy.
S3E1 The Demon eats Petunia.png
This user wants to see The Demon in another episode
This user thinks Cuddles is hilariously naughty.
S2E25 Disco Bear's Injury.png
This user used to think that Disco Bear is a pedophile, but changed his mind due to the female characters varying in age.
Miss Ka-Pow!.jpg This user misses Ka-Pow!!
This user says The Ants are not sadists.

Helper Pup.jpg This user will be happy to steer you in the right direction, and is approachable.
Neat Freak.jpg This user is a neat freak and wants to see the wiki look organised..
This user hates when Buddhist Monkey is classified as a main character by fans
Cleaner Lumpy.jpg This user likes cleaning up YOUR messes ,vandals.
This user hates anything to do with The Cursed Idol for some reason.

This user's favourite friendship is the one between Handy and The Mole, and also likes it when Lumpy is with them

What is my main purpose on this wiki?

Difficult to answer but here's as much as one you can have:

I will correct grammar.

I help out on the relationship pages and write in detail about interactions.

I have made pages on several characters relationships:

Lumpy-The Mole Relationship

Flippy-Mime Relationship

Lumpy-Handy Relationship

Giggles-Cro-Marmot Relationship

The Mole's Relationships

Flaky's Relationships

Splendid-Giggles Relationship

Splendid-Toothy Relationship

Splendid's Relationships

Lammy's Relationships

Lifty and Shifty's Relationships

and my first non relationship page so far:

List of The Mole's Occupations

I include Mr. Pickels in trivial facts or statistics.

While it's rare that I add photos to galleries, I often edit galleries so each photo has a caption. I don't do this much on my phone, more so on my laptop so I open two tabs so I know what I'm doing.

I regularly make blogs.

May add trivial facts to characters and episodes.

Feel free to ask me questions on my message wall, like why I like this character or that character.

Deadlumpycop.jpg This user's favorite death in Happy Tree Friends is Lumpy's in Don't Yank My Chain.

This user loves the running gag of Fliqpy being unable to kill Lumpy.

I want this DVD.

This user is glad Lammy and Mr. Pickels won vote or die over Truffles.

I truly see Flippy and Flaky as nothing more than friends.


Beliefs I hold

Now I will respect your beliefs, as long as you respect mine.

I believe that Lumpy is the most important Tree Friend, while the least important is Cro-Marmot very closely followed by Mime.

I believe Petunia is not a nice sweet little girl: she's a bitch in sheep's clothing and a horrible person (skunk). Bite me.

Fliqpy is not a main character.

The Dark Shadow Lord is secretly Sensei Orangutan, and Orangutan faked his death.

Sniffles, Handy and Splendid are sociopaths.

Splendid, while certainly not smart is not as stupid as people take him for. 

I believe The Mole to be the kindest main character, while Splendid is the cruelest. Which brings me too this:

Here's my Kindest to Cruelest ranking


The Mole




















Disco Bear

Mr. Pickels



Beliefs I hold (continued)

Splendid is an asshole. He killed The Mole on purpose just for honking his horn at a traffic light, and has such little care for his job.

I believe that Mr. Pickels is real. Lammy just seems too cute and kind to be a psychopath (in my opinion anyway). Plus he took a life on his own.

Calling Shifty and Lifty evil is a stretch. Jerks is about right.

My favourite ships : Flippy x Lammy(their personalities go well together), Cuddles x Giggles (The Carpal Tunnel of Love and I nub You) and Handy x Petunia(I nub you and my better half).

S3E12 I Nub You Walking together.png
This user ships Giggles X Cuddles.
LBE5 Petunia and Handy.png
This user also likes Petunia X Handy.
STV1E2.1 Flippy and Flaky.png
This user hates Flaky X Flippy.
S3E4 Marrage.png
This user thinks Nutty is candysexual and thinks he does not harbor romantic feelings for women so ships Chocolate Box X Nutty and is willing to accept hate for it.
Cuddles and Flaky.png
This user hates Flaky X Cuddles as not only is Flaky asexual but a restraining order should be put on the two of them.

Least favourite ships : Mime x Petunia ( they are my two least favourite characters.), Giggles x Russell (because he (Russell) is a pirate not some lovebird.), Lifty x Shifty (incest. It's disgusting.) Flippy x Fliqpy (how?), Nutty x anyone (face it. He's candyssexual.) Pop x Disco Bear(Sea What I Found. Enough said.) Shifty x Petunia (again how?), Flippy x Splendid (doesn't make sense.), Flaky x Lifty(Makes more sense than Shifty x Petunia but still weird.) Lammy X Mr. Pickels (They are friends, not lovers.), Pop x Cub (OK, who showed the Royal Family HTF?) and Flippy x Flaky (because of how overrated it is and my belief Flaky is asexual.)

Lumpy isn't the nicest character, but he overall means well. He's just dumb and his mistakes cause accidents.

Toothy is a generic character but Mime, Russell and Petunia are nearly as generic as he is.

Pop is a moron, but he overall loves his son and tries hard to please him.

The Mole is genuinely blind. (If he wasn't then why would he be ridiculously suicidal?).

The only characters who are "evil" are Fliqpy, Disco Bear (possible depending on how you think of him), Mr. Pickels, Splendid, Splendont, The Dark Shadow Lord, Tiger General, and The Rat

Splendont is just as cruel as Splendid.

The Ants are not evil or sadistic.

Disco Bear is NOT a paedophile.

Some of Nutty's candy are drugs. (this one I'm not too sure on)

Flippy did not flip out in Claw or YouTube Live Episode.

Buddhist Monkey is a show-within-a-show, and is pretty much the HTF version of Itchy and Scratchy in terms of popularity of the other characters.

Mime survived Random Acts of Silence.

Pop is the only main character who realizes that there is something wrong with Splendid.

The Mole and Lifty and Shifty live in poverty, while Disco Bear is the richest tree friend.

The Police Department is the most useless organization in the whole of Happy Tree Town. The president of Happy Tree Town intentionally hires Lumpy as chief because he is aware of how corrupt and incompetent he is.

The TV episodes are overall the best, followed by Season 2 of the internet series. Season 1 and 3 are about the same while Season 4 is the weakest.

The Kindest and Cruelest episodes for each character

Explanations will be added later:

The Mole- Kindest: Blind Date Cruelest: In a Jam

Lammy- Kindest: Royal Flush Cruelest: A Bit of a Pickle

Flaky- Kindest: Take a Hike Cruelest: Without a Hitch

Russell- Kindest: A Sight For Sore Eyes Cruelest: Snow Place to Go

Flippy- Kindest: Double Whammy Part I Cruelest: Happy Trails Pt 2 Jumping the Shark

Toothy- Kindest: Class Act Cruelest: Cold Hearted

Giggles- Kindest: A Change of Heart Cruelest: Put Your Back Into It

Cuddles- Kindest: Blast from the Past Cruelest: Let It Slide

Mime- Kindest: Doggone It Cruelest: Easy Comb Easy Go

Cub- Kindest: And the Kitchen Sink Cruelest: Don't Yank My Chain 

Lumpy- Kindest: All Flocked Up Cruelest: Don't Yank My Chain

Pop- Kindest: Water Way to Go Cruelest: Chore Loser 

Handy-Kindest: House Warming Cruelest: The Wrong Side of the Tracks

Sniffles- Kindest: I've Got You Under My Skin Cruelest: Tongue in Cheek

Nutty- Kindest: Who's to Flame? Cruelest: A Sucker For Love

Cro-Marmot- Kindest: A Hole Lotta Love (I know he only has a background Cameo, but wait for my explanation) Cruelest: Chill Kringle

Lifty- Kindest: Happy Trails Pt 2 Cruelest: Junk in the Trunk

Petunia-Kindest:I Nub You Cruelest: Home Is Where The Hurt Is

Shifty-Kindest: Happy Trails Pt 2 Cruelest: Milkin' It

Fliqpy- Kindest: Hear Today Gone Tomorrow Cruelest: Remains to be Seen

Disco Bear- Kindest: Ipso Fatso Cruelest: Stayin' Alive

Mr. Pickels- Kindest: Any episode he's inanimate in Cruelest: Royal Flush

Splendid- Kindest: N/A (he's always cruel) Cruelest: Breaking Wind, though he's on a near equal level in almost all his other appearances

(will be finished later)

My favourite episodes per season (along with my least)

Bold will be my favourites, normal will be my least.

Season 1: Pitchin' Impossible, Sweet Ride, Wheelin' and Dealin' Whose Line is it Anyway?

This user thinks Spin Fun Knowin' Ya is a good pilot episode for the show.
Twoprongs.png This users favourite Season 1 episode is Pitchin' Impossible for a variation of reasons.


Season 2: Class Act, From A to Zoo, Blind Date Hello Dolly

Singing around the fire.PNG This users favourite episode is Class Act by far


Season 3: By the seat of your pants, Wrath of Con, Something Fishy/Swelter Skelter/Royal Flush Breaking Wind

Season 4: A Vicious Cycle, Buns of Steal, Spare Tire Put Your Back Into It

TV 1: Double Whammy, Aw Shucks!, Party Animal Idol Curiosity

STV1E13.3 Flippy and Fliqpy.png This user thinks Double Whammy is an awesome TV season finale.

HTF Break: Happy New Year, Seize the Day, Cheesy Does It Moppin' Up

Love Bites: Cold Hearted, My Better Half, On My Mind I Heart U

Kringles: Strain Kringle, Kitchen Kringle, Chill Kringle Sight Kringle

Irregular: Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm, Ski Patrol, The Carpal Tunnel Of Love YouTube copyright school

Ka-Pow: Mole in the City, Operation: Tiger Bomb, Mirror Mirror Three Courses of Death

Favourite deaths in the show

  1.  Lumpy- Don't Yank My Chain
  2. Fliqpy- By The Seat Of Your Pants
  3. Petunia- Home Is Where the Hurt Is
  4. Lammy-Spare Tire
  5. Fliqpy- Remains to be Seen
  6. Sniffles- Tongue in Cheek
  7. Giggles- Snow What? That's What!
  8. Toothy- A Sight For Sore Eyes
  9. Cuddles- Aw, Shucks!
  10. Toothy- Party Animal

My allies on this wiki

Feel free to put your name down if you want to be my friend or consider yourself a friend.


Smart zombie


Yong feng





Lord O' Darkness








Mr Creeper500



Non-HTF things I like

Pokemon (first four gens, anything after that is absolute garbage in my opinion (Fairy-type Pokemon were unnecessary, most of the new Pokemon were visually appalling and I felt Platinum was a suitable finale.)

Super Smash Brothers 

Toy Story


Harry Potter (bar the weird incest fanfics though most things have an incestuos fandom including this one, my favourite book would be The Half Blood Prince and least favourite would be Order of the Phoenix, whereas with the films my favourite is Deathly Hallows Part 2 least would be Prisoner of Azkaban.)

Star Wars (fan of the seven main films, the rest of the series I can't care much about. My favourite film is Return of the Jedi (Episode VI) least would have to be Attack of the Clones (Episode II))

Diary of A Wimpy Kid

The Simpsons

Strange Hill High



Minecraft (before it became popular.. ugh)

Despicable Me

Inside Out


Hot chocolate 

Examples of The Mole's kindness and Splendid's dickery

First of all, I'll start with  The Mole's kindness. Also,for the record, I cannot stand any rumours/theories/speculations of The Mole being a sadist.

Now time for Splendid's dickery. 

Big random funny and weird gallery to express opinions and/or make you laugh

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