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Truffles' Video Bomb Competition was a contest where contestants could enter a fan character and one lucky winner was submitted and made into the series as a canon character, voted by the fans themselves.

The first contest ended on July 31, 2013, and "Really Good Unicornius" by Oliver Hindle, as well as "Tricksy" by user rainbowspetsnaz won.

Top 10 Ranks

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The names of the entries are used, whether they use grammar or not.

  1. Really Good Unicornius (the creator, Oliver Hindle, is affiliated with Mondo)
  2. Tricksy
  3. boglyes
  4. Patty The Squirrel
  5. Ale
  6. Flappers
  7. Jacks
  8. George: the saber-toothed tiger.; Bryan: the wild squirrel.
  9. Lulu
  10. Timothy The Tiger

Top Halloween Ranks

Video Bomb Halloween.png

A Halloween variety of this competition started on October 3rd, 2013. This time around, all entries had to be dressed up in a costume. The contest ended on October 14th, 2013.

  1. Rudy
  2. Persimmon
  3. Duke
  4. Xenia Htf
  5. Dozy
  6. Patty (Catwolf)
  7. Slenderman.
  9. Goldie
  10. Gotty & Ricky


  • This was the second contest (Vote or Die), but this was the first where you make your own entries.
  • The promo video contains fan characters found around the internet, including popular ones such as Neena.
  • According to the FAQ associated with the competition, the winner would make a cameo appearance in, at the time, upcoming episodes (much like Truffles, the host of the contest).
  • Around the time these contests ran, a few people speculated that Truffles would have a larger role in these episodes, while the winners took his place in cameos. This speculation was later debunked.
  • Some of the characters that are submitted in the competition are shown in the Video Bomb Collection trading cards.


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