Mechanical Paper Plane

Sniffles and Toothy play together.

This article focuses on the relationship between Toothy and Sniffles


Toothy and Sniffles are shown to be particularly good friends and interact with each other a lot in the series. Their relationship seems to have had no quarrels so far.

Toothy's Side

S4E8 Slingshots

Sniffles and Toothy with their slingshots.

Toothy has interacted with Sniffles the most times out of any character, apart from Cuddles. The two can be seen building a snowman in Ski Kringle, making paper planes in A Sight for Sore Eyes, and playing with slingshots in Camp Pokeneyeout. They also worked together as firemen in Who's to Flame?, actors in a play in Class Act, and to prepare and attend Flippy's birthday party in Party Animal.

It seems that Toothy may be drawn to Sniffles because of his high intelligence. This is suggested by Toothy being quite impressed with Sniffles' remote-control airplane in A Sight for Sore Eyes, and possibly his slingshot machine in Camp Pokeneyeout.

Sniffles' Side

Come on !

Sniffles helps Toothy lift weights.

Sniffles is willing to offer help to Toothy at any time he needs it. Examples being Ipso Fatso, where he accompanied and sighted for Toothy while exercising, and Blast from the Past, in which he used his time machine to stop Toothy from breaking his arm and prevent him and other friends from being killed. He also helped Toothy retaliate against Cuddles in Camp Pokeneyeout.

Despite this, he didn't seem to show concern for Toothy's death in A Sight for Sore Eyes. However, this was possibly just due to his vision problem rather than any actual contempt for Toothy.


  • One thing they have in common is that they both idolize Splendid, often having various merchandise featuring Splendid.
  • They can be seen with Cuddles on a number of occasions.
  • Despite commonly interacting, they have only co-starred once in regular episodes, in the episode Treasure Those Idol Moments. However, they didn't interact. They did, however, both star in Ski Kringle and building a snowman together.

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