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The screenshot of Tightrope-A-Dope.

Tightrope-A-Dope is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to mondomedia.com. The objective of the game is to help Lumpy walk on the wire as far as possible.

Mondomedia.com Description

The Amazing Lumpy is performing his death-defying, high wire act to thrill and delight his audience. Unfortunately, Lumpy’s act didn’t include bad weather.


After you clicked 1 Player Game, click on Lumpy to begin the game. Balance him by moving your mouse to left or right. At first, it looks easy, but not until the bad weather comes. Rain will fill the buckets that magically appear on Lumpy's balance pole with water, thus causing him to become unbalanced. At that state, it will be difficult to balance him. The water will be occasionally poured out of the buckets though.

If Lumpy falls, he will land safely on the ground, but only for the balance pole to impale him in his chest. After that, he gets zapped by lightning.


  • Lumpy gets impaled by his balance pole. After that, he gets zapped by a lightning bolt.


  • Lumpy's antlers switch positions when he falls off the rope and dies.


  • This game is a remake of the old HTF game Lumpy Artist. These are the differences:
    1. While in Lumpy Artist Lumpy has visible toes, this game shows him with the normal boot-shaped feet.
    2. Unlike Lumpy Artist, this game includes buckets. The rain in Lumpy Artist is only there to increase the difficulty for the rest of the game.
    3. Lumpy has a different scream than in Lumpy Artist.
    4. There are no Generic Tree Friends in this game.
    5. Even though both games end with Lumpy getting impaled by his balance pole after he fell, this game has him directly zapped by lightning. Lumpy Artist has the lightning zap the balance pole (as if it's a lightning rod). The flowing electricity then burns Lumpy's body.
    6. Following from point 5, in Lumpy Artist Lumpy screams at the pole before the balance pole is about to impale him. In the newer version, Lumpy does not scream since his eyes were shut after he hits the ground.
    7. The music is different than in Lumpy Artist.
    8. This game, much like many other HTF arcade games in mondomedia.com, has the title screen unlike Lumpy Artist.
  • Lumpy wears the same costume as the one in I Get a Trick Out of You.
  • The music that plays in this game also plays in the carnival overview part of Aw, Shucks!.
  • Lumpy's scream from the game is also heard during his death in Concrete Solution.
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