General Trivia

  • They are the third type of generic character and the second generic enemy (the Generic Tree Friends were the first generic characters and the Generic Tree Ninjas were the first generic enemies).
  • Kenn has stated that while they may carry guns, the show will still follow the rule that no character can be killed by guns. They may carry them, aim them, and even fire them, but no character will be killed directly by gunfire.
  • They could also be varying ages, because the Tiger Soldier Sneaky killed had a grown masculine voice, yet the others had the typical high-pitched HTF voice.


  • Unlike their leader, they are not tall and are the same height as most other tree friends.
  • They and their leader have unique blue colored noses as opposed to the usual pink colored nose.
  • Although Tigers are Asian, these tigers could be German (Their helmets resemble the Pickelhaube used by German forces in WWI, and some of their sub-machine guns resemble the MP40s used by Nazi Wehrmacht in WWII, but without the cartridge, not to mention their badge on their helmets somehow resemble the Swastika Eagle, the emblem of Nazi Germany. The Swastika Eagle was an eagle carrying a circle with a swastika in the middle.)
  • Despite being tigers, they have no stripes.
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