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Tiger Soldiers are the enemies featured in the single episode Operation: Tiger Bomb in the spin-off series Ka-Pow!. They are a military force under the command of the Tiger General.

Character Bio

The Tiger Soldiers are blue tigers and Tiger General's men who minor villain first appeared in the W.A.R. Journal episode Operation: Tiger Bomb. Their commander is the Tiger General, who they loyally serve. They have guns and wear helmets with various shaped goggles covering their eyes. They fought against Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom in the W.A.R. The Tiger Soldiers' base is the Tiger Base. Many of them were killed by Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom during a planned assault to infiltrate the base and kill the Tiger General. Despite their guns, they were no match for Fliqpy, who easily massacred them. Towards the end of the episode, Fliqpy attacks another Tiger Base, assumedly killing all within. Despite being generic characters, like the Generic Tree Ninjas, it is unknown if they will return in future episodes. If there is a new commander and not the Tiger General, there is a chance that there will be a new species of soldiers to fight. If the Tiger General returns, it is likely that the Tiger Soldiers will come back as well.


Kill Count

None as yet


  1. Operation: Tiger Bomb:
    • A Tiger Soldier is pulled through a barb wire fence by Sneaky, cutting him to pieces.
    • A Tiger Soldier is blown up by Mouse Ka-Boom by a bomb disguised as an apple.
    • Fliqpy disembowels a tiger soldier with Sneaky's ribcage and uses his teeth as bullets.
    • Seven Tiger Soldiers are shot by another Tiger Soldier's teeth.