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The Tiger General is the main antagonist in the single episode Operation: Tiger Bomb in the spin-off series Ka-Pow!. He is the leader squad commander of Tiger Soldiers.

Character Bio

The Tiger General is a blue tiger and Flippy's enemy in the W.A.R. Journal episode Operation: Tiger Bomb who commands the Tiger Soldiers. He has a minor villain monocle and a metallic clamp in place of one of his hands that can cut through flesh and bone in one slice. His base is the Tiger Base, located deep within the jungles (possibly Vietnam). He was planning to bomb something at the beginning of W.A.R. Journal - Operation: Tiger Bomb (hence the name "Tiger Bomb"), but his plan was foiled when Flippy, Sneaky, and Mouse Ka-Boom attacked his base. He eventually dies in a battle with flipped out Flippy. Amazingly, he actually puts up a strong fight against Flipped out Flippy, perhaps the only tough fight flipped-out Flippy will ever have. In the end, the Tiger General was shown to have his face sliced up like a pizza by Fliqpy.

Tiger General's Episodes

Featuring Roles

  • Operation: Tiger Bomb


  • Metal clamp
  • Knife
  • Bowels

Kill Count



  1. Operation: Tiger Bomb: Crushed by a falling log. (Possibly permanent)


  1. Prior to the series, he has lost his eye and hand possibly from an unknown battle. (Permanent)
  2. Operation: Tiger Bomb: (Before death) After stabbing Flippy in the gut, he gets pummeled hard three times by him. He then slams into a tree.
  3. Operation: Tiger Bomb: (Before death) Got his intestines disemboweled by Flippy (who was flipped out) that he also used in a attempt to strangle Flippy, but in vain.
  4. Operation: Tiger Bomb: (After death) Fliqpy apparently ate some of his remains, as seen by his blood-covered mouth.