Hello Creeper! I mean, what community are you refering to? It's basically only Myself, DinoLord00, and TravellingEye around. I mean, I did not excpect you to go fully active again, but you could still be useful, because you are the only Maitence Administrator remaining, but you are not really easy to get a hold off outside of Discord. We were suppose to meet up on Skype, but I never heard back from you however. If you at least would respond on your message wall, at least those few times we have mainentence questions, then I see no reason to demote you, but if you now cannot even do that, then what is even the point you know? Same goes for SZ. I think SZ ignores us however, because we have even messaged him over on his Wiki, but he ignores it. I respect that you at least wrote back to us. Also, we have a new Nutty type of vandal attacking the Wiki, so we really are pretty understaffed for a time when the HTF Wiki get's often attacked. Again, this is nothing personal against you Creeper. The choice is yours to make. /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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