Hello Creeper! I mean, which community are you refering to? It's basically only Myself, DinoLord00, and TravellingEye around. I mean, I did not excpect you to go fully active again, because you are the only Maitence Administrator remaining, but you are not really easy to get a hold off outside of Discord. We were suppose to meet up on Skype, but I never heard back from you however. If you at least would respond on your message wall, at least the few times we have mainentence questions, then I see no reason to demote you, but if you now cannot even do that, then what is even the point? Same goes for SZ. I think SZ ignores us however, because we have even messaged him over on his Wiki, but he ignores it. I respect that you at least wrote back. Also, we have a new Nutty type of vandal attacking the Wiki, so we really are pretty understaffed for a time when the HTF Wiki get's attacked often.

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