• Sandgar
    Sandgar closed this thread because:
    Juan resigned
    03:20, May 30, 2016

    Juan has been very inactive recently. He is also never in any of the discussions on this wiki. If a consensus is agreed on for demotion, an official vote will be made.

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    • 15px-Symbol_support_vote.svg.pngSupport — Demote him. He has been inactive for far too long by now. :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)
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    • Just do it, its been a while since my last edit. Sorry about that.

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    • Kenny this ain't a vote, and are you sure Juan that you just want me to revoke your rights?

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    • First I gotta finish replacing JPGs at the other wikia, then finish in SvTFoE. Then I have to rename S#E0# on all images at MLP. I'm taking this other wikis into priority since Hello is taking care of the issues here. I will probably come back to help here when I finish, so its fine to remove the rights, because its gonna take quite some time to finish all that. If you think I deserve them back after coming back and doing my fair share, you can grant them back. Until then, you're free to remove them without a vote. Thanks for granting me rights to take care of categorization in the first place.

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    • Thanks, well we need to vote you in next time, when you come back, but for now Hello got it. Also, hopefully you do come back, and get all those wikis to top shape.

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