• Petunia, a character who has OCD and is a skunk, doesn't have her spray released whenever she dies. Now yes I don't know that much about skunks, but I think they still smell when they die. However, for Petunia why doesn't she smell when she dies? Was she born without the ability to spray?

    I mean like, it would be an interesting feature where every time Petunia dies, her spray is released by the time she dies. Another thing is that a skunk's spray is made of compounds that readily become gas, so I think Petunia would be a bit more interesting if her spray is released whenever she dies, and the spray effects the plot.

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    • Well, i THINK that skunks only spray when they defends themselves from animals that wants to eat them or when they gets surprised, but well that might sound good, but i don't know if skunks do that when they dies, maybe somebody else knows that animal fact more then me as i know some skunk facts.

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    • You know what's funny? The fact that twhat you mentioned could happen, yet she has some of the messiest deaths in the series. You know, where there is virtually nothing left of her. So, in a way, it cancels itself out.

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