• Hey there Smart Zombie, or "Nutty" in this Wiki, if you didn't know I returned to FANDOM around a month ago, and it appears that you don't know about that.

    Now to be honest, to start with I'm pretty much a fan of Annoying Orange, TAWOG, Homestar Runner and BFDI. Yes I actually did gain interest in TAWOG and Annoying Orange a few months ago, which explains why I created videos about me editing/making a video of it related to those series, but I'm pretty sure it's against this Wiki's rules to promote you're YouTube channel.

    Also nowadays I'm a slightly more tolerable and mature user, since I now know how to edit on video editors like OpenShot. Now, since this Wiki is dedicated to Happy Tree Friends, let me say that I like the series, nothing else.

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    • Cool 👍

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    • Yay you recognized this thread/message I made which exist around 3 days ago. I wonder if you replying late was because of the BFDI Wiki or something.

      Another thing is that I moved to a new YouTube account, however, I'm not gonna post it since it would fall under advertising like I said previously.

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    • I've been kinda away from wikia in general lately and good for ya. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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