• Hello LOD! How are you doing? I read about your demotion thread over on the HTFF Wiki earlier. Actually a bit unexcpected. First of all because I at least expected you to last to the twenty years anniversary and second of all because I always imagined that you would outlive us all. You are the only user that I thought MAYBE could last to the HTF Wiki twenty years anniversary. Which would sorta have been 2028. I am just curious if you are only retiring on the HTFF Wiki or actually blth on the HTF Wiki and the HTFF Wiki? Also, I am curious if you think that you actually will go through with it this time around? You have actually mentioned simular stuff before and the most memorable time was in mid 2016 which made you trade your Bureaucratship with HelloWhatsUp and this happened almost three and a half years ago since then and you are still around here LOD. Just saying. Still, BlueTide asked you on the HTFF Wiki if you would still be around and I ask you that very same thing. I mean, if you will still be around, but just more inactive like Creeper, then it's no problems. However, if you are planning to leave both the HTF Wiki and the HTFF Wiki permanently and never to return like HelloWhatsUp, Zrenjaninac and Smart Zombie. (Smart Zombie actually came back today for some unexplained reason.) Then we will probably be forced to demote you unfortunatly. However, if I know you correctly, this will not be the last time that we see you around. :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • I will still visit every now and then to see how things are going, but will seldom contribute to anything.

      I know I've said similar things before, but back then I just kept coming back because I had nothing better to do. Now I feel like I'm at the age where it's time I did other things with my life. I've created more OCs than I know what to do with, so they're up for grabs if anyone wants to use them in an episode. One thing that stands though is the impact I have made on the site. As long as fans keep coming back then it will never die.

      I want to move on, so feel free to demote. Hopefully there will still be people here keeping things tidy and keeping potential vandals in check. HTF just feels like old news now, and even if it comes back, I will be glad, but it's no longer a priority for me. The truth is it started with me watching episodes out of bold curiosity and it eventually grew on me.

      For now I want to focus on other things to get myself out there in the world. I will return, not as a contributor but an observant phantom.

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    • @Kenny Sudden interest for the show I guess. Just feel obligated to pick up where I left off.

      Dang Lord dropping out to. Well good luck/have fun in your future interests.

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    • Just out of curiousity however LOD, but how old are you again? I am just curious around which age you felt that it was the right time for you to step down? Also, a little correction, you wrote nine years over on the HTFF Wiki earlier, but 2011-2019 is eight years. Simply wanted to point this out. However, I get you and everything and yeah you are indeed one of if not THE most iconic user here on the HTF Wiki. You are deffenity up there with Pyro Python, Yong Feng and HelloWhatsUp at least. However, as for eventually demoting you, I am leaving that up for you to decide LOD. I mean, for example take Creeper as a good example. He is very rarely here anymore, but show up from time to time, but it's very rarely, but is on Discord however, so if we for some reason we would need him, we just send somebody there to ask him. The reason Creeper is still a Bureaucrat is because he requested to still remain as one. The point which I am trying to make here is that even if you are as inactive as Creeper is, you can still remain, as long as you are not leaving here for good of course. The reason why we demoted Smart Zombie was because he refused to respond even if we knew that he was still active here on Fandom itself. Still, it's up to you to decide however, but if you returned back would it only be as an invisible observer as Zrenjaninac or would you ever post something again in like a thread or an article or something again? Well, welcome back again Smart Zombie and yeah our Staffs are dropping like flies. Still, Myself and DinoLord00 are both still managing. :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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