• now before you ban me because you think i'm an INB4, im not, i'm a user from the town of salem wiki who just hangs out. i'm also an admin for a wiki one of the admins of the tos wiki made. and back a few years ago, we had an INB4 problem. i'm assuming you did too, judging from the fact that this wiki showed up in the favorite wikis of various INB4 alts. now, if there an effective way to easily catch an INB4 forum wise? thanks.

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    • while he had been in this wiki, however, he was usually seen in the sister wiki of it, happy tree friends fanon. though we barely saw him active, his current account he used was shipinabottle. if you asked us about him, yes we did have a problem with him, most notably myself who still despise him, even after the case of my adoption. he had accused one of the admins are false then gone immature again, he never got a life once.

      the situation of him was now decreased day by day and like i mentioned above, we barely seen him active on both canon and fanon happy tree friends wiki. hopefully this would help you.

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