• Hello Smart Zombie. Kenny and I have been discussing several staff changes and considering that you've been inactive in these recent times, we ask on whether you want us to demote you or not. We wanted to get your permission first, so that all of us could be certain in our decision and avoid unnecessary drama. Whether you accept or refuse, I hope this request doesn't damage our relationship and we'll consider all answers. Thank you. -DinoLord00

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    • Hello SZ! So, I am just gonna explain where this whole thing started with. Zrenjaniac now recently decided to leave the HTF Wiki permanently, so we are going to have Zrenjankac demoted later on, but upon discussing this, Myself and DinoLord00 also noted that neither You nor Creeper have not been active very much either lately, but compared to Zrenjaniac, you two have not declared yet if you are leaving permanent and also you two are Bureaucrats opposite to Zrenjaniac. However, we have no plans on bringing Staff into this like Yong Feng did to WaterClam, since like DinoLord00 said, we have no intentions to steer up any drama nor to ruin our relationships. This is just a checkup like I did with AnimationFan15 and HTFan before they demoted themselves as well. /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • Tbh Smart Zombie probably left the HTF Fandom forever (He is inactive for about year in near time)

      He is now fan of Object Show

      Idk if keep his role or not. It´s useles for him to have it if he do nothing here and has no interest probably but it does nothing bad if he still have his role.

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    • The problem is that he is ignoring us, rather than him being inactive however. We have asked him here and both DinoLord00 and TravellingEye have messaged him on the Object Show Wiki, but he ignored them. At least Creeper wrote back after a long while and that is why I am fine with him still staying as a Bureaucrat here. Smart Zombie on the other hand doesn't even writes back and that is why I start to doubt if he really should stay as a Bureaucrat. /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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