• KennyX1994
    KennyX1994 closed this thread because:
    22:38, April 2, 2019

    Im not sure if you'll respond to this,but why are you going to be inactive in this wiki?Are you still gonna keep an eye on the wiki?

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    • No maybe, I see in his message with KennyX1994, He looks really mad to Kenny, because he don't get anything (like he said rollback and something else) and I don't know why Kenny don't give him rollback right or admin right.

      If you want to know, click Kenny's message wall and you find title I need your help.

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    • It does not work like that. We do not throw out promotions both left and right. He had asked to be promoted since day one and he acted like some of the worst trouble makers on this Wiki. Like Nutty. Now, I still said that I would concider about this, but after he wrote that he hated me after some minor critism, he showed me his true colors and that I was right about him all this time. OrigamiHound was a user that on the other hand earned "her" promotion. /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • Still, this topic is getting old at this point now. I am gonna close this thread down now. /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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