• Hello KennyX1994. I would like to ask for some solutions to two problems:

    1. I've been trying to edit the front page of the wiki, specifically adding the category "Internet Season 5" to the list, but so far, it can't seemingly be added through traditional means. How can you add anything onto the front page of the wiki?

    2. How can you change the background and colors of the wiki?

    Thank You. -DinoLord00

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    • It is I, the culprit who changed the background and the colours, because I thought they looked nice.

      1. Someone else might want to answer that, I have no idea about the Season 5 thing


      As for the background, pick a picture you like, send it to me by tonight and I will change it (unless you know how to), because I am probably one of the 2 people who know how to change the background. Until next time, bah bye

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    • Thank you for changing the background and colors for us. Yeah, adding the "Season 5" Link to the main page can't be added through traditional means, bu thanks for trying to find out anyways. As for the background, I don't have any desire to change the background, as I'm satisfied with it. I just want to know myself and thank you for providing the images showing how one can do it. -DinoLord00

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    • I see that Zrenjaniac beat me to this, but yeah, I was either way gonna write that I either thought that Zrenjaniac or Creeper were behind these background changes in the end. I had no idea how to change it me either, so thanks for showing us Zrenjaniac. As for your other question DinoLord00, I believe that I never really edited on the front page and I saw that Zrenjaniac was not sure either, but maybe try to ask either Yong Feng, Creeper, SZ or LOD. I know that Yong Feng is inactive on here and all, but he is usually willing to help out if he knows what to do. Hopefully this stuff was some help for you and hopefully everything solves itself in the end. :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • Ok. Thank you for notifying me about this. -DinoLord00

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    • No problems. Did you found a solution to the problem? :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • Unfortunately not. I still haven't found a wya to solve it and I've been busier than usual for this week, so I may just ask another admin. -DinoLord00

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    • Fair enough. :) /Kenny Navarro (talk)

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    • A FANDOM user
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