The Woodpecker is a non-anthropomorphic character in Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

The Woodpecker (Picidae) is a bird that pecks at trees to get food, usually causing trouble in the series when doing so. It was first seen in Hide and Seek, where it set off Flippy's 'evil' side for the first time by pecking a tree. The noise reminded Flippy of machine gun fire from the war, causing him to flip out and throw his Bowie knife through the bird, killing it. It appeared again in Eye Candy, where it pecked Toothy's eye, causing him to fall off a cliff where his brain was torn out. It also makes a cameo at the beginning of Eyes Cold Lemonade. The Woodpecker was originally all purple in Hide and Seek, but in later episodes, it was given a red head and navy blue body with white parts, which was kept.


Kill Count


  1. Hide and Seek: Stabbed by Flippy's Bowie knife.


  1. Killed after Nutty jumps on it in the arcade game Sugar High.

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