The Sharks are aquatic predators that serve a similar purpose to The Seagulls and The Vultures.

Character Bio

The sharks (Selachimorpha) are fierce predators who would often cause harm to characters in the water. While found in the ocean, one even appeared in a small rubber kiddie pool in Petunia's Summer Smoochie. This shark was an orange or peach color, unlike most sharks which are either blue or grey. A hammerhead shark appeared in Sea What I Found, where Russell used it and several other creatures as tools, only to be attacked (though not killed) by them in return.




  1. Wipe Out! - They most likely died when Cro-Marmot freezes the ocean.
  2. Wingin' It - They probably got eaten by Godzilla, along with Flaky. However, unlike Flaky, the sharks were able to swim away from the danger which could have meant that they avoided death (Debatable).
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