The Narrator is a minor character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

The narrator is a character who first appeared in the special episode Ski Patrol. Most of the time, the narrator is a boy. He is never seen, but he is heard. He gives instructions to Lumpy on how to help people on the mountainside. However, his instructions are unclear and he usually jumps steps. This leads to the deaths of whoever Lumpy is trying to help. Even if they are told right, however, Lumpy gets the instructions wrong anyway. He always applauds Lumpy's actions, despite the fact that he always does horribly. From this, it is fair to assume the narrator may just as dimwitted as Lumpy (if not more).

The male makes another role in YouTube Copyright School. This time, however, he seems much smarter. He teaches Russell about the concept of copyright, as well as copyright infringement and its consequences.

The female narrator was introduced in YouTube 101: Subscriptions, however Cuddles doesn't seem to respond to her like Russell and Lumpy do in the other episodes. She is telling the audience, rather than Cuddles, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, or look at who is subscribed to you. Also, Cuddles seems to demonstrate her throughout the episode, while still not noticing her.

And he also appeared in Asbestos I Can Do

Episode count

  1. Ski Patrol
  2. YouTube Copyright School
  3. YouTube 101: Subscriptions
  4. Asbestos I Can Do


  • The male may be to blame for all the deaths in Ski Patrol.
  • Unlike the other characters, both the male and female narrators can speak clearly. However, neither narrator is ever seen. This is similar to the interviewer.
  • He appeared in the easter egg episode Asbestos I Can Do
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