Splendid and his disliked workmate.

This article focuses on the interactions between The Mole and Splendid.


Despite the few interactions between Splendid and The Mole, it is shown that they are not fond of each other at all, likely due to Splendid's impatience and The Mole's blindness clashing whenever they interact, generating a conflict between the two. It could be argued that their conflict is one-sided, as The Mole shows less signs of disliking Splendid than vice-versa.

Splendid's Side


Splendid intentionally murders The Mole.

Splendid is shown to harbor great contempt towards The Mole. Though it isn't certain when or why this started, it is first shown Gems the Breaks as The Mole becomes his first intentional kill and only intentional kill that was out of personal anger and not to defeat a criminal. In See What Develops, Splendid gets very annoyed at being paired with The Mole and when he got a picture of him changing out of his reporter apparel, Splendid goes to very great lengths to try to stop and possibly even kill him. He also doesn't show much concern for him in group scenes compared to other characters.

The Mole's Side

Devel 6

The Mole doesn't harbor much contempt towards Splendid on the flip side.

It is hard to tell what exactly The Mole thinks of Splendid. On one hand, in Gems the Breaks, The Mole becomes annoyed at Splendid's laser beam slowing down traffic and honks at it (though it is unknown how he knew it was there in the first place). On the other hand, in See What Develops, he has no problem with working alongside Splendid (though like everyone else in the episode, he doesn't know this is Splendid as he is in disguise), suggesting that the conflict is mostly one sided.


  • Despite the two being on negative terms with each other they have several things in common:
    • Both of them have a high survival rate.
    • They both kill more then they die.
    • Both of them had their first death in their third appearance in the show.
    • Both of them survived their first two starring roles.
    • Both of them have a Ka-Pow! episode of their own.
    • Both of them receive three starring roles apiece in the TV series, and they have the same fate in their first and third starring roles and a different fate in their second starring role.
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