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The Giant Squid is a non-anthropomorphic character in Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

The Giant Squid is a huge cephalopod (Architeuthis dux). He appeared in Doggone It, where He was (possibly) either Cuddles', Toothy's, Handy's, Petunia's, or Sniffles' pet. He became too much for them to control and attacked them. Cuddles managed to escape, covered in purple bruises from the squid's suction cups, to tell Lumpy, an animal controller, to stop him.

As Lumpy investigates, he discovers the Giant Squid attacking Sniffles, Handy, Petunia, and Toothy. The Giant Squid can be seen killing Petunia by slamming her body against the floor numerous times. Lumpy then manages to knock him out cold with just a simple mousetrap. As Lumpy tugs Him behind him, the bodies of Petunia and Sniffles are seen, still held by the Giant Squid.

Later, Lumpy tied the Giant Squid to his truck, but Lumpy was occupied with capturing Whistle and when he finally succeeds, the Giant Squid regained consciousness, and he was standing on his tentacles once again. The Giant Squid then killed Lifty and Shifty by squirting ink on their van, which made them crash onto a tree.

The Giant Squid appeared in the episode You're Kraken Me Up, though his appearance is completely different from Doggone It. He became angered after Russell unknowingly dropped an anchor on his head. In retaliation, the Giant Squid ripped off Giggles' head, whom Russell was dating. The Giant Squid then used this advantage to kill Russell, by grabbing one of his peg legs, and dragging him down a small hole in his boat. Later in the episode, the Giant Squid appears to have "married" Lumpy, a lifeguard who tried to perform mouth-to-mouth on the dead Giggles head. Then they had a "baby," which was actually a tentacle with Cub's severed head on it.


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