The Germs are characters in Happy Tree Friends, who only appear in I've Got You Under My Skin. They are the cause of Giggles' illness.

Character Bio

Germs are minor characters that only appeared in the episode I've Got You Under My Skin, when Giggles catches a cold and Sniffles discovers that germs infected his body, it is then that Sniffles decides to shrink inside his submarine and be injected into the body of Giggles, although unfortunately goes to Lumpy's leg while Sniffles destroys several of the germs. It is then that in Lumpy's throat the submarine grows without stopping, so Sniffles manages to head towards Lumpy's brain being attacked by many germs, with one of them in Lumpy's eye, which causes the Sniffles submarine to destroy Lumpy's right eye.


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Episode Count



  1. I've Got You Under My Skin: Numerous germs are exterminated and disintegrated by the Sniffles submarine.
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