The Eaglet (also known as the Eagle Chick) is a non-anthropomorphic baby eagle. It is one of the four off-springs of the mother eagle and the only one that has hatched, making it the oldest of the four.

Character Bio

The chick and its unhatched siblings were killed by Flaky when she tried to put the fallen chick back in its nest, only to accidentally knock it off, breaking the eggs and crushing the chick and provoking the mother to attack her and vengeful mother then kills Flaky and later uses her carcass as a new nest for her and her new eggs. At the end of the episode one of her chicks play with Flaky's eye nerves when the Flaky nest falls to the ground out of the tree.

It is unknown whether new eggs are of the same egg batch, or if they are separate off-spring of hers. The eagle chick is shown as a pink bird, while the mother is navy blue. The eagle chick may be pink from a lack of feathers, or it may be covered in a pinkish down.






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