General Trivia

  • The Idol is based off the fertility idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark (the boulder that fell from the top of a slide and crushed Cub in Treasure Those Idol Moments could have been a nod to the movie).
    • Another possible inspiration for the Idol is the cursed tiki statue from The Brady Bunch.
  • Like Truffles, The Cursed Idol has numerous cameos in Happy Tree Friends. View the gallery above to see a few of them.
  • It is possible that the Cursed Idol actually causes all of the deaths in the episodes where it appears only for a cameo appearance.
  • It could be the origin of Sniffles and the Ants' rivalry. However, the conflict may also have started when Prehistoric Sniffles ate the prehistoric ant in Blast from the Past.
  • In the episode Wrath of Con, Cro-Marmot was seen selling bunches of Cursed Idols. These are most likely replicas, however, and probably have no ability to inflict (great) misfortune on others. That being said, the building they were in was still brought down by Splendid.
  • The Cursed Idol is based on a human rather than an animal, which leads to some fans saying that humans once existed in the HTF-universe, but were wiped out (by either natural or paranormal causes, or a nuclear war).
  • According to the HTF FAQ on Mondo's website, The Cursed Idol is Kenn Navarro's favorite character. However, he has mentioned on Twitter that he likes all the characters equally.
  • The Cursed Idol also appears in the level "Current Events" in the False Alarm video game.
  • The Cursed Idol, at first, appeared as one of the characters in the bracket (against Cuddles) in Mondo's "Best Happy Tree Friends Character Tournament" blog. However, it was later replaced by The Mole.

Episode statistics

  • All of the episodes The Cursed Idol stars in have no ending iris.

Kills and deaths

  • Despite having one of the largest kill count, the Cursed Idol has never killed Cuddles once.
  • Toothy is The Cursed Idol's most frequent victim.
  • It is possible (but Debatable) that the Cursed Idol was destroyed in Class Act, since it was last seen in the school building before it exploded.
  • In all of its appearance roles, it has never killed anyone (with the exception of Happy Trails Pt. 1, where it may have been the cause of Petunia's death.)
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