The Blurb version of this episode was released on December 13, 2013.


  • BlurB!
  • This little poem makes no sense
  • It's like drunk Dr. Seuss
  • Fun Fact: Looking directly into the sun makes you cool!
  • Not cool like cold, but cool like everybody will like you.
  • This gag is based on actual events
  • it's happened to every kid who's gone down a metal slide on a hot day.
  • We feel ya.
  • It's rude to sit on swings, but not swing.
  • Nutty suffers from an actual eye condition called "Eww, gross your eye!"
  • Nutty also has a skull that offers, literally, no protection. It's like an egg shell.
  • Oh I see now...frying like an egg
  • They're sad because they killed him for nothing.
  • Cro-Marmot drives an ice cream truck because his Taco Truck went out of business
  • Fun Fact: Lifty and Shifty stole this apartment building.
  • Want to buy a TV?
  • Cro-Marmot must be putting out a lot of BTU's
  • Lifty is wearing his Mole costume
  • Shifty knows all the words to "Let it Snow", but doesn't know the tune
  • All this from Cro-Marmot?
  • Of course! When in doubt, use a torch!
  • Science Fact: Fire can freeze.
  • Don't question us, just accept it.
  • Science Fact #2: When fire unfreezes, it's fire again.
  • just nod in agreement.
  • Science Fact 3#: An explosive force can freeze.
  •  You guys are learning soooo much from this episode
  • Blood on the floor does NOT freeze
  • Write that down
  • Looks like Cro-Marmot could use a refill


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