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The screenshot of Sugar High game.

Sugar High is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by jumping on the birds and jumping as high as possible before Nutty falls down. Description

It’s Nutty’s dream come true! There’s been an accident at the nearby candy factory exposing the delicious sweets inside. All the hungry birds are swooping in and taking all the candy.


After you clicked 1 Player Game, you see that there are birds flying across the game area while carrying a candy. Move Nutty left and right by using the left and right arrow keys. Make him jump by pressing the space bar. Bounce on the birds to take their candies, adding them to your score. The higher the altitude, the more points you'll get from bouncing on the birds. However, if Nutty falls down from a high altitude, he will splatter.

In iOS and Android, simply tilt your phone to the direction you want Nutty to go to move him. Tapping the screen makes him jump.


Nutty's death in the game.


  1. The woodpeckers turn purple (like the one from Hide and Seek) when Nutty kills them.


  • Nutty splatters on the ground if he falls down from a high altitude.
  • The birds splatter if bounced on by Nutty.


  • This game is a remake of the game Jumping Nutty. Here are the differences:
    1. Nutty makes sounds in this game.
    2. Nutty has a complete candy outfit in this game. Also, his standing and walking sprite aren't static.
    3. The background in this game includes a candy factory.
    4. Nutty doesn't smile when he hits the ground and dies in this game.
    5. He does not get pooped on by a bird after he dies.
    6. And finally, the music is different compared to Jumping Nutty, in fact, the music playing in the game is heard at the beginning of the TV episode Chew Said a Mouthful.
  • This game became available for iOS and Android.
    • However, the sound when jumping on the birds (in the handheld version) is different compared to the original. It's because that it is made by CartoonStar instead of Mondo Media.
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