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Strain Kringle is the seventh of the HTF Kringles.


On a winter day, Toothy stands behind a snow fort while Cuddles keeps an eye out for people to ambush up above on a tree branch, with a telescope. Cuddles spies Lumpy walking along and tells Toothy to throw a snowball at him, which he does. Lumpy is hit by the snowball and grumbles angrily at the two. Instead of retaliating by throwing another snowball, however, Lumpy decides to throw a rock at them. Toothy notices it coming towards him, so he puts a spaghetti strainer on his head for protection. The rock bounces off the strainer and flies upwards, hitting Cuddles' telescope and knocking it into his eye. Cuddles' body then falls out of the tree, landing on top of Toothy, forcing his body through the holes on the strainer he placed on his head.


"Don't strain yourself this holiday season!"


  1. Cuddles is impaled through the eye with his telescope.
  2. Toothy's body is forced through the holes of a strainer when Cuddles lands on him.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 2
  • Total Rate: 33%


  1. The rock that Lumpy throws at Toothy is not present when he is first seen walking.
  2. Cuddles' knocked out eyeball has a circular pupil.
  3. When Cuddles falls out of the tree, he falls by the back and lightest part of the telescope, not by the heaviest part of the telescope (which would be the front). However, momentum may explain why he still fell backwards.
  4. It's impossible for Toothy's large tail to be forced under the strainer with the rest if his body. It should be sticking out.