• Splendont may be Splendid's evil doppelganger (Likely because he has inverted colors of Splendid himself).
  • He is the second character to hurt Splendid without the help of Kryptonut, the first being Nutty in Class Act, and the first to do so intentionally.
  • He, like Splendid, may be vulnerable to Kryptonut.
  • He could be a reference to Bizarro, Superman's evil counterpart.
  • Splendont's name has likely been based by the "to do" auxiliary "don't" since Splendid's name ends with "did".
  • He and Flaky are the only red characters in the whole Happy Tree Friends franchise. Although, Splendont is a member of the Ka-Pow! series, so that makes Flaky the only red character in the main show.
  • Despite having only one appearance, he appears a lot in fan-fictions, and as is to be expe
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