A hero and a fanboy.

This article focuses on the interactions between Splendid and Toothy.


Like most of the cast, Toothy is shown to idolize Splendid, perhaps more than most of the other characters. However, while there is one example that contradicts this, nonetheless, Toothy is still a big fan of Splendid.

Splendid's Side

STV1E1.2 68

Splendid protecting Toothy.

Splendid is often seen saving Toothy in many of his appearances. The first of these cases was in Better Off Bread where Splendid protects Toothy from a meteorite; in From Hero to Eternity Splendid saves Toothy from a giant snowball, but ultimately fails. On a non-heroic note, Splendid was shown to be awed by Toothy's singing in Class Act.

However, Splendid is indifferent or at least ignorant to his, Cuddles, and Sniffles' deaths in Gems the Breaks. He also seemed oblivious to an angry Toothy glaring at him in See What Develops.

Toothy's Side

RS37 Waits for them to pass

Toothy dresses up as Splendid.

Toothy is shown to be a huge fan of Splendid in a few episodes, despite his incompetence. He was shown cheering after the hero saved him in Better Off Bread, and waved him goodbye happily; in From Hero to Eternity Toothy and Petunia are both shown to be happy when Splendid attempts to shield them from the giant snowball; he is also seen attending Splendid's speech in Wrath of Con. Also, while Splendid makes no physical appearance in Remains to be Seen Toothy is seen wearing a Splendid costume for Halloween.

However, Toothy does have one moment of conflict with Splendid, in See What Develops, in which he gets cross with Splendid after he beats up Giggles, glaring angrily at him.

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