The Popcorn Video (blurb) of Spin Fun Knowin' Ya was uploaded on September 19th, 2008. Popcorn Video would later be replaced by Blurb about two years later.


  • Special Pop Corn Video!
  • Hide and seek is the number eight cause of accidental deaths among small animals
  • Falling from trees is number four
  • The number one cause of death is...
  • Bullets coming out of guns at very high speed!
  • Cuddles likes to wear bunny slippers
  • Toothy has had tail enlargement surgery
  • Lumpy is thinking about candy!
  • The North American beaver can't fly...
  • ...or go through trees!
  • 80% of children hug playground equipment for dear life
  • This stunt took 23 takes!
  • Cuddles' thumbs are backward
  • No They're NOT!
  • Heavy breathing in...
    • 3
    • 2
    • 1
    • Panting!
  • Rabbit's feet are considered good luck!
  • Cuddles has gone on to star in a series of straight-to-video Ninja movies called "Paws Of Fury". Toothy is currently wanted in 7 states for impersonating a dentist. He was last seen in Ohio. Giggles has written a tell-all autobiography called "Tears Behind the Giggles". Lumpy went on to sponsor a bill in the Senate banning the parking of commercial planes near playgrounds. To this day 5 lives have been saved.
    • 6 Lives


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