The blurb video of Something Fishy was released on Sep 28, 2013.


  • BlurB!
  • I think this should say, "Rrrrr Matey!"
  • or is it spelled "Arrrgh"?
  • Wow, Russell gets top billing and everybody else is crammed onto one page. I see how it is.
  • Pause and look at the chalkboard! Some cool, old HTF drawings from actual sketches.
  • A cat, a mouse, and fish all in one room. What could go wrong?
  • This fish is in need of some serious orthodontic work.
  • Fun Fact: Most fish spin like the Tasmanian devil when they eat.
  • except for bones.
  • A space helmet with a star cliché.
  • I love this chase scene! It's as exciting as any movie.
  • FYI: Scolding a fish doesn't work.
  • Wait! Why didn't he do that to get the mouse?
  • I don't know what Lumpy is saying, but I can guarantee it's wrong.
  • Don't forget kids, the fish who needs braces was in that cup.
  • Flaky can't decide something.
  • Which bathroom to use!
  • To be fair, those signs aren't very helpful
  • Giggles figured it out
  • or doesn't care.
  • Dang! Petunia's camping out in there
  • Light a match
  • Fun Fact: Based on an actual bathroom experience.
  • Helpful Hint: Make sure there is toilet paper before you sit down.
  • No toilet paper means that you'll just end up getting sucked into the toilet and die
  • So always check!
  • Helpful Hint #2: Washing your hands is very bad for you.
  • Russell didn't notice his fish was gone?
  • Somebody call Fish Protective Services!
  • Oh Lumpy, always panicking
  • Poor bowl/helmet placement
  • What are you talking about? This is NOTHING like Star Trek!
  • Seriously, get some braces.
  • What did you expect, they're wearing red uniforms
  • not that it's anything like Star Trek!
  • Everybody loves the Star Trek!
  • I mean everybody loves THE THEATER
  • that was close.
  • Fun Fact: Fish Star Trek!
  • I mean burp
  • fish burp
  • Ugh, I need to shut up now.


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