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Socks to be You is a Happy Tree Friends arcade game exclusive to The object of the game is that you must match pairs of Petunia's socks by the time the timer ends. Description

It's Laundry day and Petunia's Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder has gotten the best of her. She has a panic attack at sorting out all her freshly cleaned socks. Can you help her get through her episode before she completely loses it?


After you click "1 Player Game", you see Petunia hyperventilating in a paper bag (reference to TV Series Episode: Wishy Washy) with a laundry basket next to her. On a table there is are different pairs of socks that you must drag into the bin before the timer runs out. You start with 30 seconds, but the quicker you are at sorting the more time you have in later levels. If you don't complete sorting one batch of socks when time is running out, Petunia will start hyperventilating faster as the time decreases. After the last second, Petunia will start freaking out and her bag will fill up. She unknowingly inhales the air inside the bag, causing her eyes to pop out of her head. Most sock pairs become doubles in later levels, so watch out! And remember, the faster you are at sorting the same socks, the more time you'll have!


  • Petunia's eyes pop out of her head.
  • (If won) Petunia gets squashed by a washing machine.


  • This entire game references Petunia's Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Most sock pairs are doubles, so it can get very confusing when you get to later levels.
  • The music on the game also plays on the episode Home Is Where the Hurt Is, where Petunia freaks out after Lumpy's death.
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