• This is the only instance in the TV series where the number of characters matches the number of the segment the episode is in. (The name is Deep Six and there are six characters in this episode.)

    The start of it all.

  • The garden gnome Flaky was carrying was this episode's "Cursed Idol", as it lead to both Flaky and Russell's deaths.
  • This is the first time Toothy receives a tooth injury until An Inconvenient Tooth, nearly 11 years later.
  • Even though Russell has a starring role, he doesn't have much plot relevance until the end.
  • This episode shares a lot of similarities to the episode prior, Take a Hike:
    • Both episodes leave the characters in an isolated location, forcing them to struggle for survival.
    • A female character dies first.
    • A wild animal starts killing off some of the characters.
    • The last character who dies, at first thinks he's safe until the same animal that killed off some of the other characters, kills them.
  • Following the concept of cartoon logic, Toothy's veins start screaming once they're pulled out with the fishing rod hook.
  • Lumpy is the only character to survive the episode, however, he only appeared in the first half of the episode.
  • This is the first time that Flaky got pinned to something due to her quills; in this case, an iceberg.
  • This is the second episode where Flaky was killed by animals/predatory flowers, the first was Take a Hike, the third was Idol Curiosity, the fourth was Wipe Out!.
  • When Russell failed to throw his hook into the ice fishing hole, Russell does Handy's signature scowl. This is one of the nine instances where Handy's scowl is done by another character. The others are Flaky in Rink HijinksRussell in Get Whale SoonPop in Snip Snip Hooray!Sniffles in In a Jam, Nutty in Nuttin' Wrong with CandyLumpy in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (twice), and Petunia in I Nub You.
  • The way the orca slurps up Russell was similar to how the pterosaur slurped up Cro-Marmot in Dino-Sore Days.
  • The YouTube thumbnail for Part 2 spoils Cuddles' death. (later spoils Russell stuck on an shattered iceberg)
  • Despite not being a Christmas-related episode, it has been included in the "Holidazed and Confused" minisite, which can be viewed here.

Cultural References

  • An orca killing off some of the characters in this episode is possibly a nod to the 1977 film Orca, which in actuality is a rip-off of the 1975 film Jaws.
  • Flaky's garden gnome might be a parody of Wilson the volleyball from Cast Away.
  • The joke of Flaky's garden gnome puncturing the ice and the results turning out disastrous may be a reference to the Ice Age franchise, where Scrat occasionally tries to stake his prized acorn into the ice often lead to disastrous results.


Production Notes

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