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Snip Snip Hooray! is an episode of the Happy Tree Friends internet series, the sixth of the second season, and thirty third overall.

HTF Episode Description

It's son's first haircut and oh how excited he is! Playing with all those sharp, shiny objects like scissors and razors are just the thing to make a kid squeal with delight. It is delight, right? Not sharp, shooting pain?


Leaving a baby unattended with several sharp tools. What can go wrong?

Cub happily sits in his highchair as Pop brings in a tray containing a comb, a pair of scissors, and an electric shaver. He sees the shiny scissors and tries to reach for them. Pop slaps his hand away, forbidding him to touch them.

Pop removes Cub's beanie to reveal that Cub has a full head of long, flowing hair. He begins cutting Cub's hair with the scissors, but stops when he accidentally cuts Cub's right ear off. Cub begins to scream and cry in pain and Pop starts panicking as blood spurts out of Cub's wound. The scene fades to black.

The scene then fades back to Cub happily licking a lollipop while wearing bandages over the right side of his head. Pop proudly looks at Cub and then looks for the electric shaver, which he has apparently misplaced. He hears a buzzing sound and looks up to see a laughing Cub, who now has a flap of skin detached from his forehead, holding the shaver, while Cub appears not to care about his loss.

A panicked Pop rushes over and grabs the shaver, quickly turning it off. He then cautiously combs and pushes down on the loose flap of skin on Cub's head without any cries or protests from the child. Satisfied, he tries to turn the shaver back on, but to no avail. He sees that the shaver has become unplugged, so, setting the shaver down next to Cub, he goes to plug it back in.

Pop accidentally kills Cub. Again.

Cub starts playing with the shaver, and puts it in his mouth to suck on it. Pop plugs the shaver back in, and it starts tearing the inside of Cub's mouth, throat, and eventually his esophagus to pieces.

Cub falls face down on his highchair and dies, while an oblivious Pop searches for his scissors. Locating them, Pop cuts a lock of Cub's hair, brushes some loose hair from his head, and places Cub's beanie back on his son's head, still unaware that his son is dead.


"Don't run with scissors!"


  • Cub dies when the electric shaver he was sucking on tears his mouth and esophagus apart, either by massive bleeding, suffocation, or getting his organs shredded.


  1. Cub gets one of his ears cut off by Pop.
  2. Cub uses the shaver and cuts off a flap of skin from his forehead.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total rate: 50%


  1. When Pop opens his mouth at the beginning, his pipe floats around his open mouth.
  2. When Pop is walking towards Cub with the tray of sharp objects, there's one frame where his mouth is trimmed away from his nose.

    If I were Cub I would run far away from Pop.

  3. When Pop puts down the tray of sharp objects, the shaver and the scissors appear to have swapped places.
  4. When Pop puts down the tray of sharp objects, the shaver doesn't have a cord attached to it. The cord is seen later on throughout the episode.
  5. Pop cuts off Cub's left ear, but it's his right ear that is bandaged.
  6. Right before Pop notices that his shaver is missing, he has a black line under his mouth.
  7. When Cub shaves off part of his head, a section of hair on his head disappears after Pop turns off the shaver.
  8. Pop moves his thumb over an invisible switch to turn off his shaver.
  9. Cub's philtrum disappears when Pop notices that the shaver doesn't work.
  10. When Pop realizes that the electric shaver doesn't work, Cub's eyes are facing the wrong way.
  11. Pop's buckteeth are missing twice in this episode: when the electric shaver fails to turn on, and when he grabs his scissors after Cub's death.
  12. When Pop plugs the razor in, Cub's eyes are circular and stay that way up to when he falls dead.
  13. Most of the blood on Cub's mouth from the shaver disappears.
  14. Despite the fact that the shaver tore down his throat, the shaver's cord isn't visibly protruding from Cub's mouth. When his head falls on his highchair table, there's a cord sticking out of his mouth (this is fixed on the DVD).

Quick Shot Moment

When the electric shaver begins to tear apart Cub's esophagus, the camera suddenly zooms in on him before returning to its original position.

This is the only time where a quick shot moment flashes at just the right moment, as well as one of few that don't spoil a character's death or future scene. Note: This is fixed in the Classics Remastered version.