General Trivia

  • Sneaky is the first and one of the few anthropomorphic characters who aren't mammals (he is so far the only anthropomorphic reptile character of the series). There is a possibility that more non-mammalian characters will be featured.
  • Like Mouse Ka-Boom, Sneaky's death is not permanent, as Kenn Navarro has said he will be in more episodes with tongue gags.
  • Sneaky is the only one of the three commandos to not sport a beret.
  • He is somewhat similar to the Smoker from the Left 4 Dead games. Though, this is likely a coincidence, since Sneaky made his debut before the release of the first Left 4 Dead game.


  • He is the third character Fliqpy used as a weapon to kill another character, the others being Cuddles in This Is Your Knife and Flaky in Keepin' it Reel.
  • He is the second character to have an extremely long tongue, the first being Sniffles.
  • Like Lumpy, Russell, Mr. Pickels, and Flaky, he does not have visible ears. Though this is natural considering his species.
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