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"This stealthy chameleon has a way of slinking his way in the most hazardous situations. Getting out is an entirely different matter!"
―Sneaky's description on Mondo Media's website.[1]

Sneaky is a character of the Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

Sneaky is a light green soldier chameleon who allied with Flippy and Mouse Ka-Boom during the Vietnam war. He is an excellent soldier, as he can camouflage his body to blend in with his surroundings and can climb up walls. He has a long tongue, which he can grab enemies and objects with. He was killed when Flippy threw a knife, intending to kill several tiger soldiers, and hit him while he was invisible, pinning him to a wall. His body was further damaged in an explosion which, if he wasn't all ready dead, finished him off. Flippy hid inside his corpse to hide from the Tiger General and his soldiers. When Flippy flipped out, he bursts out of Sneaky's body, ripping it to shreds. Flippy then used Sneaky's ribcage to kill the Tiger Soldiers.


  • His tongue and the environment (e.g. Barbed Wire)

Kill Count

Tiger Soldiers: 1 (Operation: Tiger Bomb)


  1. Operation: Tiger Bomb: Stabbed with a knife; body caught in an explosion. (Possibly permanent)