Sensei Orangutan is a minor character of Happy Tree Friends spin-off series Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

The Sensei Orangutan (or the Orangutan Master) was the Sensei of Buddhist Monkey when he was a child. He first appeared in Three Courses of Death in a flash back. It is revealed that he is responsible for Buddhist Monkey having no hair, as he burned his hair off during a training exercise. Despite this, Buddhist Monkey highly respects him up to the present events in the series. He taught Buddhist Monkey many techniques, such as how to summon fire from his bare hands (the same technique used to burn Buddhist Monkey's hair). This technique saved his live when he was battling Char Sui and The Giant Crab, when he managed to boil the two by using said technique. The Orangutan Master is always seen lying down, half asleep.

The Sensei Orangutan died sometime between Buddhist Monkey's flashback and the present episode. During the battle with Char Sui and The Giant Crab he comes to Buddhist Monkey as a spirit. After the battle, Buddhist Monkey visits his grave. It is unknown how he died, however there is a possibility that The Dark Shadow Lord killed him. He may or may not return in future Buddhist Monkey episodes.



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