Sea of Love is the second of the Love Bites shorts.


Russell and Giggles are romantically cuddling each other on a boat while watching the sunset. As the water clears, Russell sees that there are many beautiful flowers floating over a reef. He dives into the water and starts collecting flowers for Giggles, but as he does, he grabs the lure of a frogfish. At first confused at the menacing beast, Russell laughs when he sees that the fish is seemingly harmless, only for it to tear the skin off his face. Russell releases the other flowers and screams underwater, causing him to drown off screen due to his torn-off face skin or even possibly be eaten.

Ending Tag

  • I think we should sea otter people!

As Giggles patiently waits on the boat in a bored manner, the underwater flowers Russell picked float up to the surface, catching her attention. Fascinated, she grabs the flowers. However, one of the "flowers" is the frogfish's lure. Giggles smiles at it. The frogfish growls at her, and then bites the skin off of Giggles' face, making Giggles scream in pain.   


  • Russell drowns (or gets eaten) after getting his face torn off by the frogfish. (Writer Warren Graff confirmed his death)


  1. Russell's face is ripped off by a frogfish (it is assumed that the lack of skin around his mouth causes him to drown).
  2. Giggles' face is also ripped off by the frogfish.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total Rate: 50%


  • Russell's eyepatch is destroyed by the frogfish.


  1. When Russell stands on the rim of the boat, his tail is missing.
  2. Russell's hat should've floated at the surface upon entering the ocean.
  3. When diving into the reef, Russell's tail appears on his back.
  4. Also when he dives, he is shown with only a nub on his arm as his hook gradually appears.

    Russell briefly experiences what it's like to be Handy.

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