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Russell as the lead.

This article focuses on the interactions between Russell and every other main character he has interacted with.


Contrary to his pirate appearance and despite him rarely being around other characters, Russell is generally a nice character who never gets in negative ordeals with anyone, except for the characters who are considered antagonistic.



Russell is good friends with Cuddles. Every time they interact with each other, it happens in a group setting. They are seen trick-or-treating in Remains to be Seen, on a ship with others in Snow Place to Go, and playing baseball in Can't Stop Coffin.


Main article: Russell-Giggles Relationship

Russell and Giggles have had some romantic experiences. They started dating in Sea of Love, were also romantically involved in You're Kraken Me Up, and presumably had that kind of bond in Put Your Back Into It. They also held hands around the burning school in Class Act.


Russell and Toothy.

As is the case with Cuddles, Russell is good friends with Toothy, but all of their interactions happen in the same group scenarios (see Cuddles section for the episodes).


Main article: Lumpy-Russell Relationship

Russell and Lumpy are shown to be very close friends. They cooperated (more or less) trying to escape the inside of a whale in Get Whale Soon. They went fishing and worked together to find buried treasure in Sea What I Found. Russell enjoys a trip with Lumpy on a ship in Snow Place to Go. The two play guitar alongside each other in the episode In a Jam.


They have one thing in common: Permanently missing body parts.

Russell and Handy are friends. They were both in a band together in In a Jam; they're also seen together in Ipso Fatso, appearing to get along.


Their main interaction together is in Ipso Fatso, where they seem to be getting along. They also sat next to each other at a circus in Mime to Five.


Russell and Sniffles are likely friends. They both participated in a play in Something Fishy and rode a roller coaster in adjacent seats in Double Whammy Part I. In Easy Comb, Easy Go, Russell buys cotton candy from Sniffles. They are seen among trick-or-treaters in Remains to be Seen, and Sniffles worked with the band of which Russell had been a member in the episode In a Jam.


Russell upon killing Cub

So far, the closest thing to an interaction between Russell and Cub happened in Bottled Up Inside, when Russell is shocked after he killed Cub.


Russell is happy to see Flaky.

Russell enjoys a trip on a ship with her in Snow Place to Go, but when the situation changes, he is fine with forcing Flaky to get the can of beans from Giggles' rotting body. Russell was also happy with seeing Flaky in Happy New Year.

The Mole

Russell doesn't interact with The Mole that much, but seems to respect him as a blind person, as seen in A Sight for Sore Eyes; where he apologizes to The Mole for bumping into him and helps him up. It’s even the only instance of him saying actual words instead of just “yar."

Disco Bear

Disco Bear and Russell on a roller coaster.

Russell and Disco Bear seem to be friends. They rode in the same cart on a roller coaster in The Wrong Side of the Tracks.

Lifty and Shifty

Like other characters, Russell dislikes the duo. They stole his treasure in Sea What I Found.


They don't interact that much, but have in a few episodes. Russell is angry at his new employee in Mime to Five for killing his customers and fires him. In See What Develops, he has fun with the balloon sword that Mime had made for him. Russell appears to be on somewhat good terms with his classmate in Something Fishy.


Russell and Cro-Marmot.

Russell appears to be friends with Cro-Marmot. They both have fun with their balloons in See What Develops, they play baseball together in Can't Stop Coffin, and they're in the same swimming race in By The Seat Of Your Pants.


While not having properly interacted, Russell is most likely enemies with Fliqpy. He presumably runs away when Flippy flips out and murders the crowd in By The Seat Of Your Pants.


Russell awaits to meet Splendid.

He appears to be a fan of Splendid as seen in Wrath of Con; he was one of those waiting in line to get an autograph from him.


  • Russell has yet to interact with Petunia, Pop, Lammy, and Mr. Pickels.
  • Despite the two not interacting, he and Petunia have several things in common:
    • They are both blue.
    • They have human names.
    • They have mental disorders.
    • They're the only members of their respective species seen on the show.
    • They have more deaths than kills.
    • They rarely survive.
    • They both have episodes that have them complete their goal after witnessing Lumpy's death, only to get themselves killed (Petunia: getting clean in Wishy Washy, Russell: getting out of The Whale in Get Whale Soon).