Russell's Piranha is a non-anthropomorphic piranha. It first appeared in Something Fishy as Russell's pet and show and tell subject.

Character Bio

Russell's piranha (Serrasalminae) is Russell's pet fish that first appeared in Something Fishy. A carnivorous creature, the piranha can devour animals within seconds, consuming both dead and live prey. It was swallowed by Giggles when she drank her cup. When she rushes to the restroom, she was unaware that the piranha was inside her, and kills her to free itself. It turns against its owner when Lumpy places its fishbowl on Russell's head, allowing the fish to consume every part of Russell's head besides his skull.

In YouTube Copyright School, Russell is seen juggling numerous piranhas while preparing to be launched from a cannon on his ship. However, he sneezes, causing him to lose focus and have both his arms bitten by piranhas. He is blasted through the ship, destroying it and leaving him in the water where the piranhas then attack him.


Number of Kills

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