• This episode marks Flaky's first kill in the series.
  • Another sign of Lumpy's stupidity is shown in this episode. He is seen buffing up the floor while wearing skis and exposed boxer underwear.
  • When a Generic Tree Friend skates past Flaky, she makes an annoyed expression similar to Handy's signature scowl, making this one of the nine instances where Handy's growl is done by another character. This is also done with Nutty in Nuttin' Wrong with Candy, Russell in Get Whale Soon and Snow Place to Go, Pop in Snip Snip Hooray!, Sniffles in In a Jam, Lumpy in Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow (twice), and Petunia in I Nub You.
    Angry Flaky

    Flaky must have been hanging out with Handy recently.

  • All of the main characters kill someone in this episode (Disco Bear and Lumpy kill Flaky, Lumpy and Flaky kill Disco Bear, and Disco Bear, Flaky, and Cub kill Lumpy). This will happen again in Strain Kringle.
  • Cub is the only survivor in this episode. This is also the first episode that Cub survives.
  • This is the first episode where Cub says something other than babbles, giggles, and sound effects. He can be heard saying "Oh hi, Lumpy!" in this episode.
  • This episode marks the first time a character dies because of Flaky's quills, a type of death that will become rather common sometime later.
  • This episode marks the first time a character dies from having their heart removed, a kind of death that will appear numerous times in future episodes.
  • This is the first time Disco Bear dies.
  • Lumpy's starring page is right-side-up instead of upside down. Similarly, Flaky's starring page shows her as happy rather than nervous. Furthermore, the characters' lower halves are outside the background in their starring pages instead of inside, and the backgrounds that are used for the characters are all the same. This is unusual, as the previous episode and the next episodes up to Just Desert have the characters completely inside the background and have the background match the character.
    • However, this is because the new pop-ups were not fully developed yet at the time.
  • This is one of the few times where a character (Lumpy) dies with eyes closed and no crooked teeth.

Cultural References

  • The moral means the results of things that one has done will someday have an effect on the person who started the events.


Production Notes

  • In the storyboard, Lumpy wore a cap while he was working.
  • In the 2nd DVD commentary, it was revealed that this episode was originally written for season one but ended up getting scrapped for a while since they didn't have a proper ending written for it.
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