Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is an idiom that means that something (likely an event) has not even happened yet.
  • These are the costumes that the characters are wearing at the beginning of the episode:
    • Toothy - Splendid
    • Sniffles - Vulcan from "Star Trek" (he will dress like this again in a future episode)
    • Giggles - Angel (similar to her Cupid outfit in her Smoochie, but replacing the bow and arrows with a dress)
    • Cuddles - Cowboy
    • Russell - Mummy
    • Handy - Viking
    • Nutty - Thick glasses with a fake nose and mustache
      • The glasses and fake mustache are a reference to Groucho Marx, a comedian from the 40s and 50s who was known for that distinctive appearance. He died on August 19, 1977 due to pneumonia.
  • The scene where zombie Cuddles and Giggles slurp a brain like spaghetti until their lips touch is a parody of the famous scene from Disney's 1955 film Lady and the Tramp.
  • Lumpy attaching a leaf-blower to his missing arm is a reference to the 1987 comedy-horror movie Evil Dead II. In the movie, Bruce Campbell's character loses his hand and attaches a chainsaw to his arm.
  • The moral of the episode means you should tolerate the opinions and behavior of others so that they will similarly tolerate your own.


Production Notes

  • This is the first episode to be produced using Toon Boom Animate PRO (known as Toon Boom Digital Pro at the time), which allows the frames to be rendered, scanned, and composited without any stop-motion effects. However, this isn't entirely true, as the creators never actually got rid of Flash (the old animation software); they just started animating with Toon Boom along with Flash. Flash was also updated (two years later in 2005) to be much smoother. The TV series was rumored (but not confirmed) to be animated entirely with Flash, but at a smoother framerate. Also, the website Cold Hard Flash considers the show to be Flash animation.
  • Seeing as how Sarah Castelblanco is the only female actress in the credits under voices, this would mean she voiced zombified Petunia.
  • David Winn and Rhode Montijo's names are both in the credits which means they both may have taken turns voicing Lumpy for this episode.
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