Pop & Corn is the ninth episode of HTF Break series, and the fourth Happy Tree Friends is dead! short.


At the movies, Cub runs out of popcorn, so Pop gives his tub of popcorn to Cub. Happily stuffing a large quantity of popcorn into his mouth and attempting to swallow it all at once, Cub chokes on the popcorn and dies of asphyxiation after failing to get his father's attention and help. Too focused on the movie to notice that his son died just seconds ago, Pop just shushes Cub. The scene then zooms onto the popcorn box Cub was given, which now has the "Happy Tree Friends is dead!" logo.


  • Cub dies after choking on a large amount of popcorn that he tries to swallow in one go.

Survival Rate

  • Amount of surviving main characters: 1
  • Amount of dead main characters: 1
  • Total Rate: 50%


  1. Cub's eyes are facing each other when he's upset over his empty popcorn bag.
  2. Cub's philtrum disconnects from his nose when he chews on Pop's popcorn.
  3. Cub's philtrum disappears when he chokes to death.
  4. The "Happy Tree Friends is dead!" text appears instantly when the front of the popcorn box is shown. However, it did not appear when Pop gave Cub the tub of popcorn or when Cub was eating.
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