Pig Child is a minor character of Ka-Pow!.

Character Bio

The Pig Child is a character who so far has only appeared in the special episode Mole in the City. He is, as his given name suggests, a pig child. He went to buy a balloon from the Elephant Balloon Vendor. He was very disturbed by the Elephant Balloon Vendor's death. When The Mole came floating down on the balloons, he gave them to the Pig Child, cheering him up. However, the Pig Child floats away on them. It can by assumed that he died when the balloons popped and he fell back to Earth, he froze to death, or died from the lack of oxygen, but he may not have died. It is unknown if he will return or not.

Episode Count

Kill Count



  • Floats away on balloons and assumed to have died by falling when the balloons pop, or freezing/suffocating in space. (Debatable)
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