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Before the more prominent paring, we had this.

This article focuses on the relationship between Petunia and Mime.


Before Handy and Petunia started dating since I Nub You, Mime and Petunia had a crush on each other.

Mime's Side


Petunia and Mime "holding hands"

Mime is fairly neutral with most of the characters, having a slight interaction most of the time. However, with Petunia, he appears to have a crush on her. He instantly falls in love with Petunia after seeing her in I Heart U. He visit Petunia's house along with Giggles in Who's to Flame?. They even hold hands in Class Act.

While the relationship appears to be great, it does have a few gripes here and there. In both in Who's to Flame? and I Heart U, Mime steadily cowards off when he has realized that he had caused Petunia's deaths. He was also suprise than shocked when he sees Petunia's dead body in Chill Kringle

Petunia's Side


Petunia and Giggles flirts at Mime

Petunia also appears to have a crush on Mime. In Easy Comb, Easy Go, she flirts at Mime when he gets an afro. She also returns the affection towards Mime in I Heart U.

However, her side of the relationship with Mime is also not perfect. While they were in a dangerous situation, Petunia attracts attention away from Mime's death in Happy Trails Pt. 1. She also likely broke up with Mime after he kills her in I Heart U, seeing how she started dating Handy in later episodes.

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