General Trivia

  • She is one of the few characters not to have died or killed another character.
  • She could be the female Asian equivalent of Pop, as her baby has eyes similar to those of Cub and both are single parents. 
  • She could be Japanese because of her kimono, but may also be Thai because of her sun hat. Buddhist Monkey is most likely Chinese, though.
  • It is currently unknown where her spouse may be as he is never seen, though it may hint that they are either divorced or widowed (like Pop).


  • She is one of the only characters to be the same color as their real world animal counterparts. Most of the other characters have a completely different color from their counterparts (e.g. Lifty and Shifty are dark green while real raccoons are grey or brown).
  • Back in Books of Fury, her kimono was pink and her "monocles" were purple, but in Three Courses of Death, it was both gray.


  • She is the second female (next to Flaky) to not have eyelashes, although that may be a simple oversight.
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